2015 Contents

December (11)


November (15)

ONTAP-Buttons: Standard Code & GetNodeInfo
Button to Convert a List to Comma Separated String
Create SecureString File
cDOT MetroCluster Links and Resources (8.3.1)
cDOT Mini Projects I’d Like to do if I had the Time
Running a PowerShell Script that is a Batch File
Function to Display all PS Object Properties and their Values
Cdot Log/MLog Log Collector

October (15)

Patch Upgrade Script for 6 Node Cluster from 8.2.X to 8.2.3P5
Find Dead NFS Clients
Functions for Name-Mapping Creates, UNIX Users, and UNIX Groups
Functions to Check for Cifs Share Creation, ACL Create, ACL Delete
Comparing 7-Mode Options - Compare-NaOption.ps1
Function to get 7-Mode Transition Volume Information
PowerShell Function to Return Correct Subnet
Using Data ONTAP APIs (PowerShell) to Set ACLs

September (4)

Manually Obtaining System Configuration Backups over the SPI

August (8)

Proof of SnapVault from ONTAP 8.3 to 8.2.3
Some Rules for Translating 7-Mode Exports to cDOT Export Policy Rules

July (11)

PowerShell Script Scheduler / Automator
Initialize-NcObjectProperty, -Template and Get-NcVol
Investigating the Effect of NTACL Display Permissive Permissions

Getting Command History from Node Vol0 Snapshots
More Examples of 7MTT (2.0) Translating NFS Exports

June (7)

CIFS Shares Availability Checker PowerShell
How to Setup Plink for (clustered) ONTAP
Enhancing the Basic Setup of an ONTAP 8.3 2-Node Simulator Cluster
When two Seemingly Identical CSV Files are Not!

May (2)

Simple Multi-Color Foreground Background Powershell Display Function

April (5)

Research Links & Info - 16th April 2015
FAS8040A 6 Node Cluster Cabling Diagram with 4 Cluster Connects Per Node to CN1610
How to NDMPCOPY from 7-Mode to Clustered Data ONTAP

March (3) 

Setting up the Clustered Data ONTAP Simulator 8.2.2P1 on VMware ESXi 5.5
Function Accumulate the Number at the End of the String

February (1)

PowerShell Get-Date Unix Format %? Results

January (3)


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