Good day

My name is Vidad Cosonok* and I am an IT Professional who lives and works in England. 

The intention of this blog is to share information and ideas, provide easy to follow procedures, help my fellow IT Professionals with solutions to problems (in the same way that other blogs have helped me massively in the past, and will continue to help me massively in the future) and also act as an easy to get to repository for notes.

If you happen across this blog, and happen to read any of the posts herein, I hope you find them to be informative.

Please feel free to post any comments and questions - I am most grateful to be enlightened whenever I make errors or where there is a better way. Alternatively, please feel free to email me at i @ cosonok.com (without the spaces which are there for spam-crawler and spam-bot avoidance) and I will endeavour to reply at the earliest opportunity.


*So as not to mislead - this is an anagram of my real name!