NetApp TRs 4500+

Update 02.08.2023: NetApp TRs can now be found here:

Note: These are publicly available NetApp Technical Reports (TRs). The TR titles may have been updated since I last viewed.

*TR-4855 is the latest as of Saturday 22 August 2020

Note: There are newer TRs but no longer available on the links.

TR-4835: How to Configure LDAP in ONTAP: Multiprotocol NAS Identity Management
TR-4834: NetApp and Iguazio for MLRun Pipeline: End-to-end Data Pipeline Integration and Experiment
TR-4833: SQL Server Database Quiesce Tool (ScSqlApi)
TR-4832: Three-Way Data Center Disaster Recovery Using NetApp SnapMirror for ONTAP 9.7
TR-4831: NetApp Scale-Out Data Protection with Commvault
TR-4830: NetApp HCI Disaster Recovery with Cleondris
TR-4829: NetApp and Zero Trust: Enabling a Data-Centric Zero Trust Model
TR-4827: Bosch Video Recording Solution with NetApp E-Series E5760 Storage Systems: Solution Deployment
TR-4826: NetApp FabricPool with StorageGRID: Recommendation Guide
TR-4825: NetApp E-Series for Video Surveillance Best Practices Guide
TR-4823: NetApp HCI 2-Node Storage Cluster
TR-4821: SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems and NetApp AFF Systems with NFS: Solution Guide and Best Practices
TR-4820: NetApp HCI Networking Quick Planning Guide for an On-Premises Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
TR-4818: Video Management Systems Using VMware Virtualization with NetApp E-Series Storage: Design and Deployment Guide
TR-4817: SAP Data Hub in NetApp Kubernetes Service
TR-4816: Performance Characterization of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud
TR-4815: NetApp AFF A800 and Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY GX2570 M5 for AI and ML Model Training Workloads
TR-4814: S3 Public Preview: ONTAP 9.7
TR-4813: Managing Certificates for NetApp E-Series Storage Systems
TR-4812: NetApp StorageGRID with Rubrik CDM Configuration Guide: Implementing NetApp StorageGRID as an Archival Location for Rubrik Backups
TR-4811: NetApp ONTAP AI Reference Architecture for Healthcare: Diagnostic Imaging: Solution Design
TR-4810: NetApp ONTAP and Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 for AI and ML Model Training Workloads
TR-4809: External NetApp Storage for Azure Stack: Solution Deployment
TR-4808: NetApp XCP Best Practices: Data Migration Support and Troubleshooting
TR-4807: NetApp ONTAP AI for Financial Workloads: Solution Design
TR-4806: VMware vSphere for Element Software Configuration Guide Guide for NetApp HCI and SolidFire
TR-4802: FlexPod: The Solution to Ransomware
TR-4801: FlexPod with FabricPool: Inactive Data Tiering to Amazon AWS S3
TR-4800: Introduction to NetApp EF600 Array: Feature Overview with SANtricity
TR-4799: NetApp ONTAP AI for Autonomous Driving Workloads: Solution Design
TR-4798: AI at Scale with Trident, Kubernetes, and Kubeflow
TR-4797: NetApp In-Place Analytics Module with Kerberos
TR-4796: StorageGRID Caching with Varnish
TR-4795: NetApp HCI Disaster Recovery and Replication: With VMware Site Recovery Manager
TR-4794: Oracle Databases on NetApp EF-Series
TR-4793: NetApp ONTAP AI and OmniSci GPU-Accelerated Analytics Platform: ONTAP in an OmniSci Environment
TR-4792: Technical Report NetApp HCI for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware Horizon 7: Empower Your Power Users with 3D Graphics
TR-4790: FlexPod Solution Delivery Guide
TR-4789: VMware Configuration Guide for E-Series SANtricity iSCSI Integration with ESXi 6.X: Solution Design
TR-4788: Architecting I/O-Intensive MongoDB Databases on NetApp
TR-4785: AI Deployment with NetApp E-Series and BeeGFS
TR-4784: FlexPod for Epic Performance Testing
TR-4782: BeeGFS with NetApp E-Series: Reference Architecture
TR-4780: Oracle on Azure Deployment Best Practice Guide: Using Azure NetApp Files
TR-4779: Building Storage as a Service with ServiceNow and NetApp Service Level Manager
TR-4778: NetApp HCI and Splunk Enterprise Solution with Arrow
TR-4777: Veeam Cloud Tier with StorageGRID Object Storage
TR-4774: FlexPod for MEDITECH Directional Sizing Guide
TR-4773: NetApp Converged Infrastructure with Veeam Backup & Replication
TR-4772: NetApp Converged Infrastructure with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery
TR-4770: PostgreSQL Database on ONTAP: Best Practices
TR-4768: NetApp HCI for Oracle
TR-4767: NetApp AFF A800 Performance with Oracle RAC Database
TR-4766: NetApp E-Series and NVMe over Fabrics Support
TR-4764: Best Practices Guide for Microsoft SQL Server with NetApp EF-Series
TR-4763: Best Practices for Networking and Network Maintenance on NetApp SolidFire Storage Systems
TR-4760: NetApp for Oracle Database 18c: Solution Delivery Guide
TR-4758: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on NetApp ONTAP: Solution Delivery Guide
TR-4757: SAP Applications on Microsoft Azure: Using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
TR-4755: BeeGFS with NetApp E-Series: Solution Deployment
TR-4753: FlexPod Datacenter for MEDITECH Deployment Guide: Healthcare Industry Solution
TR-4749: NetApp for Epic Software: Solution Design
TR-4748: Build your Data Fabric: With NetApp HCI, ONTAP and Converged Infrastructure
TR-4747: SANtricity Snapshot Feature: Overview and Deployment Guide
TR-4746: SAP Applications on Microsoft Azure: Using Azure NetApp Files
TR-4744: Secure Hadoop using Apache Ranger with NetApp In-Place Analytics Module: Deployment Guide
TR-4743: FlexCache Volumes in NetApp ONTAP: ONTAP 9.5
TR-4741: NetApp Element Software Remote Replication: Feature Description and Deployment Guide
TR-4740: SMB 3.0 Multichannel: Accelerate SMB 3.0 Performance for Applications
TR-4739: IPv6 in Element Software: Configuration and Features of IPv6
TR-4738: Reconfiguring NetApp HCI Compute Interfaces
TR-4737: Automatic Load Balancing: NetApp SANtricity Feature Description and Implementation
TR-4736: SANtricity Web Services API: Built-In and Central Management Capabilities
TR-4735: NetApp HCI with Mellanox SN2010 Switch Quick Cabling Guide
TR-4734: StorageGRID on NetApp HCI: Solution Deployment Guide
TR-4733: SnapMirror Synchronous for ONTAP 9.7
TR-4732: Big Data Analytics Data to Artificial Intelligence: Data Mover for Artificial Intelligence
TR-4731: HyTrust KeyControl Key Management in ONTAP 9.3 or Later: Integration Guide
TR-4727: Introduction to NetApp EF-Series EF280: Feature Overview with SANtricity 11.50
TR-4726: Introduction to NetApp EF-Series EF570: Feature Overview with SANtricity 11.50
TR-4725: Introduction to NetApp E-Series E2800 Arrays: Feature Overview with SANtricity 11.50
TR-4724: Introduction to NetApp E-Series E5700: Feature Overview with SANtricity 11.50
TR-4722: MySQL Database on NetApp ONTAP Best Practices
TR-4721: Sybase ASE on NetApp HCI
TR-4719: SAP HANA System Replication: Backup and Recovery with SnapCenter
TR-4718: AI Deployment on the Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service: Enabling AI Deployments on Amazon Web Services
TR-4717: ONTAP SSH Authentication with a Common Access Card
TR-4716: NetApp Solutions for Hadoop: Reference Architecture: Hortonworks
TR-4715: NetApp In-Place Analytics Module: Joint Reference Architecture
TR-4714: Best Practice Guide for SQL Server Using NetApp SnapCenter
TR-4713: NetApp and PetaGene
TR-4712: NetApp SANtricity Management Security: Feature Details and Configuration Guide
TR-4711: SAP HANA Backup and Recovery using NetApp Storage Systems and Commvault Software
TR-4709: OnCommand Unified Manager Schemas Explained
TR-4707: FlexPod for Epic Directional Sizing Guide
TR-4706: Big-Data Pipeline on ONTAP and Orchestration with Robin Cloud Platform
TR-4705: NetApp MetroCluster: Solution Architecture and Design
TR-4704: Deploying Veritas NetBackup with NetApp E-Series Storage
TR-4703: Video Surveillance Solutions with NetApp SANtricity Cloud Connector 3: Backup and Restore
TR-4700: SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle Database: Best Practices
TR-4699: NetApp Active IQ: Telemetry and UI Feature Security
TR-4697: NetApp ONTAP SAN Solution for Hadoop
TR-4696: FPolicy Solution Guide for ONTAP: STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor
TR-4695: Database Storage Tiering with NetApp FabricPool
TR-4694: Visualizing NetApp HCI Performance: Using Grafana, Docker, Trident, and Graphite
TR-4693: FlexPod Datacenter for Epic EHR Deployment Guide: Healthcare Industry Solution
TR-4692: Levyx Performance Characterization: NetApp Baseline Establishment
TR-4691: Oracle Databases on ONTAP Cloud with Microsoft Azure
TR-4690: Oracle Databases on ONTAP Select
TR-4689: MetroCluster IP: Solution Architecture and Design
TR-4688: Security and Privacy of NetApp Telemetry Data
TR-4687: Reference Architecture for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Data Warehouse Fast Track: NetApp EF280
TR-4685: Introduction to NetApp EF-Series EF280: Feature Overview with SANtricity OS 11.40.2
TR-4684: Implementing and Configuring Modern SANs with NVMe/FC
TR-4681: Best Practices Guide for Microsoft Exchange Server using NetApp SnapCenter
TR-4680: Enterprise Data Apps as a Service Using Robin Systems and the NetApp Data Fabric
TR-4679: NetApp HCI Network Setup Guide: Version 1.2
TR-4678: Data Protection and Backup: NetApp FlexGroup Volumes
TR-4677: NetApp SolidFire Element OS Remote Replication: Feature Description and Deployment Guide
TR-4676: Oracle Databases on ONTAP Cloud with Amazon Web Services
TR-4674: End-to-End Storage Provisioning for MongoDB (using WFA)
TR-4671: Performance Characterization of ONTAP Cloud in Azure with Application Workloads
TR-4670: FPolicy Solution Guide for ONTAP - IntraFind (iFinder 5 Elastic Edition for NetApp)
TR-4669: HCI File Services Powered by ONTAP Select - Quick Start Guide
TR-4668: Name Services Best Practices Guide - ONTAP 9.3
TR-4667: Automating SAP System Copies - Using the SnapCenter 4.0 SAP HANA Plug-In
TR-4663: NetApp Cloud Backup : Technology Overview
TR-4660: NetApp Data Fabric for Enterprise MongoDB: Solution Guide
TR-4659: MongoDB Database on NetApp AFF8080
TR-4658: NetApp SANtricity Cloud Connector 3.1
TR-4657: NetApp Hybrid Data Protection Solutions for Hadoop and Spark