Sunday, 29 July 2018

How to Study for the VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - VCP 6.5 - Exam

“VCP certifications expire two years from the date it was earned.”

It’s nearly 2 years since I did my VCP 6 (late September 2016), and I require an up to date VCP certification for my work, so it’s time to refresh my VCP 6 to VCP 6.5 (I absolutely do not want to sit through the course again.)

General VCP 6.5 Information

Two exams I can take:
- since they are both 70 questions and $250, I’ll take the 2V0-622 (doesn’t make any sense to me that the Delta exam is the same price and same number of questions as the full exam.)

Check out the following:
Official Exam Blueprint PDF:
Exam Code: 2V0-622 Exam Prep Guide Version 7.2

Interestingly, there are no free practice tests anymore, just paid for tests from:

And there is an official cert guide that also costs money (it is for 2V0-621 though):

This is the best unofficial guide I saw (by the always reliable Vladan Seget), and it’s free:

Documentation/References/Recommended Reading

These are the major documentation references from the Official Exam Blueprint PDF.
You won’t have time to read them all, just answers are in there somewhere:

This following PDF should be added to the list above:

There’s always likely to be a question from -
- which - unless you’ve got a photographic memory - is nigh on impossible to memorize.

The following KBs and smaller articles mentioned in the Blueprint are worth a look, since there’s likely to be a question or two that’s answered by these:

Additional KBs and smaller articles not mentioned in the Blueprint which might be worth a look:

Other Materials

Hands on experience and labs!

Try VMware Hands-on Labs

VMware Hands on Labs Catalog

Exam Cram Notes

Might be helpful:

The End Goal!

Image: VMware Certified Professional 6.5 Data Center Virtualization

Monday, 23 July 2018

Cosonok’s Other Blog

A little-known fact - there are not many visitors - is that I have another blog (and a YouTube channel also). I think It’s good to have multiple passions. Yes, I have a passion for IT (partly why I do this blog). Of course, I have passion for my girlfriend (have had the same girlfriend for long-enough now that she’s practically my wife). And also, I have passion for cars - especially Lotus cars.

The passion for cars had been dormant for a while, since, until recently cars were a relatively large expense for me, and I simply couldn’t afford to do anything interesting with cars, just needed something economical, reliable, and safe, to do the A to B, and if it could be a little bit fun and nice to drive, all the better. Then, around a couple of years ago, I happened to visit a Lotus dealer, and sit in a Lotus Evora 400, and the passion came back. In August 2017, I bought my first ever Lotus (also my first ever sportscar, and first ever rear wheel drive car), and that is where the other blog - - starts.

For the brief time of roughly 3 months, the Lotus Elise was my only car. I absolutely loved driving it, but I realized that it’s simply too nice to use as your everyday driver, it’s too nice to have to park in dodgy parking places, and too nice to use on boring motorway commutes in rush hour, so 1 car become 2, and now - actually from August - I have 3 cars which all serve a purpose.

Note: I should probably give my other blog and YouTube channel some other name, perhaps ‘Cosonok on cars’!?

My 3 cars:

2016 Lotus Exige V6 S
Signature Orange
Automatic Gearbox
345 bhp
Purpose: The track car. And the dream car (if I could have any car in the world - but wasn’t allowed to sell it/exchange it ever - I’d have my Orange Exige - I absolutely love it!)

2013 Audi A3 TDI Sportback Quattro
Scuba Blue Metallic
S tronic Gearbox
217 bhp (tuned up to from 181 bhp)
Purpose: The practical car. The car that will happily consume 1000s of motorway miles and return great mpg. The 3rd Audi A3 I’ve had - I very much like these as a comfort car.

2007 Mazda MX-5 Mk3 2.0i ZSport Limited Edition
Radiant Ebony Mica paintwork (kind-of brown/purple metallic)
Manual 6-Speed Gearbox
158 bhp
Purpose: The fun car for when the Exige is in storage (the Exige is - most of the time - kept in car storage since I don’t have a garage), and it’s a bit like an old Lotus Elan too, so I always have something Lotus-ey available. The weekender/runabout.

Image: Lotus Exige V6 S in Signature Orange

Image: Audi A3 MK3 TDI Sportback Quattro in Scuba Blue Metallic

Image: Mazda MX-5 ZSport Limited Edition in Radiant Ebony Mica

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Tech Roundup - 22nd July 2018

Stuff collected since the last Tech Roundup on 27th May 2018. With headings:
Linux, Microsoft, MobaXterm, NetApp, NetApp Blogs,, Tech ONTAP Podcast, NetApp TRs, Security, Veeam, VMware, Miscellaneous


“Now, if you did update the kernel already but don't really NEED one – remember that in Linux you can easily go back to the previously used kernel. You can list all installed kernels using awk -F\' /^menuentry/{print\$2} /etc/grub2.cfg command, and then update saved_entry value of /boot/grub2/grubenv file with the kernel you want to load by default. The easiest way to do this is by using grub2-set-default command with the number that is based on the kernel position on the list obtained with awk command (note that the count starts from 0).” - Gostev @ Veeam


Azure NetApp files now in public preview

Microsoft to buy GitHub...

Type CMD in Windows Explorer bar to open up command prompt in that folder.
Type start. in the command prompt to open up Windows Explorer in that folder.
... | clip to put the output of command prompt command into the clipboard.
where notepad.exe to find where the executable is.


MobaXterm has everything you need -
- TFTP server, FTP server, HTTP server, SSH/SFTP server, Telnet server, NFS server, VNC server, Cron server...


AI, AI, Pure: Nvidia cooks deep learning GPU server chips with NetApp

"Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale with AI" - Available on Demand

Cloud Data Services - Integrate + Protect + Optimize

Cloud Volumes Service
Cloud-native file storage. Extreme performance.

Manage your data in the cloud with the 30-day Free Trial!
NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
Enterprise data management in the cloud for: Cost efficient & fast Disaster Recovery, Dev Test, Production Applications, File Services, and more…

"Demanding Workloads Demand NVMe" - Webcast Available on Demand

The 5 Plays that Sports Data Visionaries Use to Win
Geelong Cats Changes the Game of Football with Data

‎NetApp NGDC Sizer on the App Store

Image: NGDC Sizer on iOS

June 21st: The new “Unified Appliance” VSC / VASA / SRA  7.2 is available
What’s new:
The virtual appliance for VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA provides the combined features of VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA in a single deployment. VSC features are enabled by default when you deploy the virtual appliance.
Depending on your requirements, you can enable VASA Provider or SRA by using the virtual appliance for VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA. The virtual appliance supports the following features:
- NFSv4.1 protocol and VMFS6 filesystem support for datastores
- Enhanced and simplified storage capability profile wizard
- VASA Provider support for linked mode of vCenter Server instances
- VASA Provider support for MetroCluster configurations
- Configuration of log levels for debugging
- VASA Provider with ONTAP 9.4 supports dynamic headroom-based VVol provisioning

NetApp Blogs

NetApp (the) Pub /

New since Tech Roundup - 27th May 2018 (later than 2018/05/22):

Consuming WFA Resources from Ansible

NetApp, Trident, and the CSI (oh my!)

Trident 18.07 Beta 1 is available now!

Highly Secure Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

Sample Ansible Playbook: ONTAP NFS Export Provision and Present

NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast

New since Tech Roundup - 27th May 2018 (later than episode 140):

NetApp: TRs





Image: Running Shoe Lacing Techniques

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Difference Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V Rev Air vs Std Air

Everyone probably already knows this, but I didn’t until a few weeks ago.

The Blue tabs on fans on the NX3132Q-V Std Air, means the fan side should be in the cold (blue) aisle (symbols on the tab show air being sucked in.)

The Red tabs on fans on the NX3132Q-V Rev Air, means the fans blow hot air out the back and should be in the hot (red) aisle (symbols on the tab show air being blown out.)

Most commonly, the NX3132Q-V Std Air is used for the NetApp ONTAP cluster switches, since it makes the cabling easier (the ports at the back of the controllers are the same side of the cabinet as the switch ports.)

Image: Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V Std Air with Blue Tabs on Fans

Image: Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V Rev Air with Red Tabs on Fans

Sunday, 1 July 2018

MetroCluster IP Installation: Cabling the IP Switches: AFF A800 Systems

The following Visio diagrams are constructed from the MetroCluster IP Installation and Configuration Guide and the section:

Configuring the MetroCluster hardware components
> Installing and cabling MetroCluster components
> Cabling the IP switches

I’ve used the Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V switch in the diagrams.
I’m only showing cabling for the two switches in site A (SW_A_1 and SW_A_2).
These diagrams show cabling to AFF A800 systems.

Note from the manual regards MetroCluster ISLs:

Cable the switch ISL connections.
- One, two or three 40-Gbps ISLs are supported or up to six 10-Gbps MetroCluster ISLs.
- If using the Cisco 3232C switch in breakout mode, ports 21 - 24 are used as MetroCluster ISLs. In this case these 40-Gbps ports are split into four 10-Gbps ports. You must be using the correct RCF files to support the breakout configuration.
- The switch cannot be configured with both 40-Gbps and 10-Gbps ports.

Image: Legend

Image: Switch Site A Number 1 (SW_A_1) cabling to AFF A800

Image: Switch Site A Number 2 (SW_A_2) cabling to AFF A800