Citrix VDI Article 1/5) How to disable session reliability on Citrix XenDesktop Farm

Problem: Remote office using Citrix XenDesktop through a VPN tunnel, reports bandwidth usage has increased dramatically due to traffic on port 2598 used by Citrix XTE Service / Citrix Session Reliability Protocol.
Solution: Disable session reliability on Citrix Farm

Side effects: Non reported


1) Connect onto the Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller
2) Open the Citrix Access Management Console
3) Expand ‘Citrix Resources’ -> Expand ‘Desktop Delivery Controller’
4) Click on the XenDesktop farm and from ‘Common Tasks’ choose ‘Modify farm properties’

5) Click on ‘Modify All Properties’
6) Expand ‘Farm-wide’ -> Select ‘Session Reliability’ -> Untick ‘Allow users to view sessions during broken connections’

7) Click ‘OK’