Setting up a Basic XenDesktop 5 Proof Of Concept – Part 2 of 2: Walkthrough from Desktop Deployment (Using 'Host Type' None) to Testing

Continuing from Part 1....

1: Initial Configuration

From 'Desktop Studio'
'Initial configuration' tab
Select 'Desktop Deployment'

Provide a Site name
Select Edition -> Express Edition
Browse to the license file delivered with the XenDesktop5 Express Edition download ( )
And use default database
Next ->

Click OK to let XenDesktop create a database automatically

The Host type in this scenario is 'None' (no access to hosting companies virtual infrastructure servers)
Next ->
Finish ->

Initial configuration is complete!
And the Navigation Pane under Desktop Studio will populate with more options.

2: Creating a Catalog

Desktop Studio -> Machines -> Create Catalog (either right-click Machines or select from the Action Pane)

i: Machine Type
Machine type: Physical
Next ->

ii: Machines & users
Add Computers and optionally assign to users
Next ->

iii: Administrators
Choose Administrators or leave on default
Create a Catalog description
Next ->

iv: Summary
Provide a Catalog name:
Finish ->

3: Completing User Assignment

From 'Desktop Studio'
'Initial configuration' tab
Click 'Configure' next to 'User assignment'

Select the recently created Catalog and click Next

Place a tick next to the 'Machine name' under 'User Assignments'
Next ->
Next ->

Enter a 'Display name'
Enter a 'Desktop Group name'
Finish ->

3: Testing
From an endpoint machine with network connectivity to the Citrix controller (e.g. workstation or laptop)
Point your browser to the Internal Site URL for the XenDesktop installation - which will be something like

Tick the 'I agree with the Citrix license agreement' box and click INSTALL to install the CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe

Click 'Run' if the File Download - Security Warning appears
Click 'Run' again if the Internet Explorer - Security Warning Appears
Click 'OK' to the Installation Completed Succesfully Prompt

Then Log On with your domain credentials

Test complete - welcome to the virtual workstyle!

Appendix - A couple of problems

A couple of problems that might be encountered:

1: Sysprep problem when using VMware's deploy from template / clone - “Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer.” The fix is to download a patch for Windows 7 - (KB981542) - from  (this is due to be included in Windows 7 SP1)
The installer error 0x80070422 occurs when installing the patch if the Windows 7 Optimizer has been used and allowed to disable the Windows Update service.

2: Virtual Desktops coming up as unregistered in Desktop Studio:
On the Virtual Desktop -> Programs and Features -> Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent -> Change -> Reconfigure the VDA

There are these options for controller Location:
i: Manually enter controller location(s) << FQDNs >>
ii: Select from Active Directory
iii: Configure at a later time - Use Group Policy or this wizard to specify the controller
And can configure as preferred.