A List of aaS-es (Alternative Title: Members of the "as a Service" (aaS) Family)

On this 2nd day of 2012, I just happened to be thinking about the evolution of "as a Service" offerings going forward over the next year; which led me to question "how many aaS-es can I find?" (Apologies if that sounds a bit rude.) A quick Google, and low and behold, nothing specific came up under the search phrases used in this post's title. So, what follows is an attempt to make a list of the members of the aaS family.

The List

AaaS = Applications as a Service
BaaS = Backup as a Service
DaaS = Data as a Service
DaaS = Database as a Service
DaaS = Desktop as a Service
DRaaS = Disaster Recovery as a Service
EaaS = Email as a Service
EaaS = Everything as a Service
HaaS = Hardware as a Service
IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service
ITaaS = IT as a Service
ITaaS = Information Technology as a Service
PaaS = Platform as a Service
SaaS = Security as a Service
SaaS = Software as a Service
VaaS = Voice as a Service

Note: If the time and inclination permits, I may come back to this post and add more descriptive information for each aaS – in effect, this list is a kind-of work in progress.


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