Cisco: Lab. 4/6 - Configuring a Cisco FC Switch using CLI

1: Perform initial configuration steps
*Default access login=admin and password=password
2: Upgrade firmware, if needed
3: Create the VSAN and assign ports
4: Assign the domain ID
5: Assign port speeds
6: Verify configuration
7: Verify host and storage connectivity
8: Create FC zones
9: Save and back up the configuration

*Best practice to have same version of FabricWare across all switches.
CiscoFCSW# show version
To verify the image and system impact:
CiscoFCSW# show install all impact system
To install the upgrade:
CiscoFCSW# install all systems
To verify the installation:
CiscoFCSW# show install all status

Example to create a VSAN :
*Avoid using vsan 1 for production traffic
CiscoFCSW# config t
CiscoFCSW(config)# vsan database
CiscoFCSW(config-vsan-db)# vsan 2
CiscoFCSW(config-vsan-db)# vsan 2 interface fc1/8
CiscoFCSW(config-vsan-db)# vsan 2 interface fc1/9
*and repeat for each FC interface to be added to the VSAN

Example to assign the Domain ID:
*Each VSAN has a unique domain ID which can either be Static (join with given ID or not at all) or Preferred (try to join with the given ID, but join with another ID if necessary)
CiscoFCSW# conf t
CiscoFCSW(config)# fcdomain domain 10 static vsan 2
CiscoFCSW(config)# end

Assign port speeds to avoid negotiation errors and avoid prolonged fabric rebuilds:
CiscoFCSW# conf t
CiscoFCSW(config)# interface fc 1/1
CiscoFCSW(config-if)# switchport speed 8000
*speed can be either 1000, 2000, 4000, or 8000 Mbps
CiscoFCSW(config-if)# ^Z

To verify VSAN port assignments:
CiscoFCSW# show vsan membership
To verify one or more domain IDs:
CiscoFCSW# show fcdomain
To verify port speed configuration:
CiscoFCSW# show interface brief

To verify the host and storage ports are online:
CiscoFCSW# show flogi database
*Verify WWPNs are correct (compare with information from DOT CLI command> fcp show adapter, and host OS or HBA software)

Example to create FC zones:
CiscoFCSW# config t
CiscoFCSW(config)# device-alias database
CiscoFCSW(config-device-alias-db)# device-alias name x pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:2e:80:93
CiscoFCSW(config-device-alias-db)# end
CiscoFCSW# config t
CiscoFCSW(config)# device-alias commit
CiscoFCSW(config)# zone name myzone vsan 2
CiscoFCSW(config-zone)# member device-alias x
CiscoFCSW(config-zone)# exit

Example to create and activate zonesets:
CiscoFCSW# config t
CiscoFCSW(config)# zoneset name Zoneset1 vsan 2
CiscoFCSW(config-zoneset)# member myzone
CiscoFCSW(config-zoneset)# end
CiscoFCSW# config t
CiscoFCSW(config)# zoneset activate name Zoneset1 vsan 2

To save the configuration to nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM):
CiscoFCSW# copy running-config startup-config

To gather support data:
CiscoFCSW# show tech-support details

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  1. >zone name myzone vlan 2
    should be
    zone name myzone vSAN 2

    1. Thanks for the correction mate. Post has been updated.


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