VBR6: Exchange AIR Single Item Email Recovery Setup and Configure Part 2/2

4: Exchange AIR Lab Request
i) Run the Exchange Application Item Recovery application from the Programs Menu
ii) Choose the duration you want the lab to run for and click Next >
Note: The lab duration can be extended later. Be careful not to leave the lab running too long as it locks the backup files it requires to run the lab, which will cause scheduled backups to fail if they try to run whilst the lab is up.

iii) Enter the name of a Global catalog, choose credentials for connection to Active Directory, click Connect to check connection to DC, then click Next >
iv) Complete the details for the Mailbox you want to restore items from, then click Next >
v) Choose the desired restore point, then click Next >
vi) Click Finish

5: Approving the Lab Request
i) Open Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager
ii) Go to the “Requests” tab and select the new request and click “Approve”
iii) On the Edit Lab Request screen, click Next > Next > Next > Next > Finish
Note: The Exchange AIR recovery needs the SureBackup job to be configured correctly in order to work

6: Performing the restore
i) Wait for the Virtual Lab to reach the Ready state, and when the lab status is Ready, then from within the Microsoft Exchange AIR Wizard, click Next >
Note: If the Wizard has been closed by mistake, from the Virtual Lab Manager GUI, select the Active and Ready Virtual Lab and select Open
ii) Verify the Mailbox Account selection, then click Next >
And follow through the wizard to complete the restore....

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