NetApp: FAS2040A Walkthrough Setup & Install Notes Part 2/5 – Controller Connections

Fig. 1: FAS2040 Controller Port Identification

The above diagram illustrates the 10 connections that are available on a FAS2040 controller

FC 0a & 0b Port
Two 1/2/4 Gb FC Initiator/Target Ports

SAS 0d Port
Integrated SAS port for DS4243 shelf connectivity

Console Port

e0P Port (ACP)
"ACP, or Alternate Control Path, is a protocol that enables Data ONTAP to manage and control the DS4243 disk shelf storage subsystem. It uses a separate network (alternate path) from the data path, so management communication is not dependent on the data path's being intact and available."

BMC Mgmt 10/100 Ethernet Port
Baseboard Management Controller


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