EMC CLARiiON CX600: Understanding The Hardware

A blast from the past and a long overdue first EMC post! For more on the CX600, also see the follow on post.

Chronology of the EMC CLARiiON CX600
01-Aug-2002 General Availability (GA) Date
30-Sep-2004 End Of life (EOL) Date
30-Sep-2009 End of Product Support (EOPS) Date
30-Sep-2009 End of Service Life (EOSL) Date
As part of the Dell/EMC partnership which ran from 2001 to 2011 – there exist CX600's with Dell's nicer looking bezel on, apart from that they are the same beast. The last supported release of VMware for the CX600 was ESX 3.0.3 U1 (just because it's not supported though, doesn't mean it won't work!)

Hardware Components
SPS = Standby Power Supply
SPE = Storage Processor Enclosure
SP = Service Processor
DAE = Disk Array Enclosure
LCC = Link Control Card

Connectors and Cabling
Fig. 1 Connectors on the rear of SPA and SPB
Fig. 2 Cabling Disk Enclosoures Together - Two Fibre Channel Loops
Fig. 3 Note that the Enclosure Address (EA) number is manually set as below:

Power Consumption Figures
SPE CX600-Series 510W max (fully configured)
DAE2 (Fibre Channel) 392W max (fully configured)*
*A fully configured DAE2 includes two power supplies, two LCCs, and 15 disk drives.

CX600 Storage Processor Enclosure (SPE) Hardware Reference.pdf
DAE2 CLARiiON 2-Gigabit Disk-Array Enclosure FC and ATA HARDWARE REF.pdf