How to install Veeam nworks MP for VMware with SCOM 2012: Part 5/6 - Import nworks Management Pack

Parts in this series:

Part 5 - Import nworks Management Pack and Further Configuration in System Center 2012 Operations Manager

System Center 2012 Operations Manager - Operations Console > Administration > Management Packs > Right-click and choose ‘Import Management Packs…’

Import Management Packs: Select Management Packs > Add > Add from disk … > No to the “Would you like to search the online catalog …?” > and locate your management pack file > click Install

After import completes with status = ‘Imported’, click Close

Monitoring > nworks VMware > Enterprise Manager > Collector Servers > _Collector State > select the Collector

And from the right-hand pane click “Configure OpsMgr agent”, Run the task, and click Close when complete:
Note: This will need to be done for every collector and all new collectors!

Next we import the nworks.VMware.2007R2RequiredOverrides.xml Management Pack from the Veeam mp_resource_kit_5.7.0.1054 similarly to the above process:
Note: The 2007R2 one is correct for SCOM 2012

Finally we import the nworks.VMware.BPAC.xml Management Pack from the Veeam nworks.vmware.bpac:

And if we look at the list of installed Management Packs, we see: