Tech Round Up 3rd August

Interesting tech stuff that was filling my inbox. With stuff from Arista, Cisco, Citrix, Datacore Software, EMC, FCoE, Hitachi, HP, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, NetApp, Veeam, VMware, and WolframAlpha!

## Arista ##

Designing Network Architectures for Big Data/Hadopp

## Cisco ##

Using SNMP Config Management to Fix Screw-Ups on a Remote Device
... if you have set an SNMP read-write string, you can use that to manage device configs on your Cisco gear ...”

AAA – what it means to you?

Multiple Fabrics – how many?

Those Bits Have To Go Somewhere: My CCNP Experience

## Citrix ##

XenDesktop Service Checker

CloudGateway 2 is available! Check out what’s new

Announcing availability of StoreFront 1.2!

XenDesktop support for the new Microsoft Lync
“ … Citrix’s Optimization Pack for Lync 2010, introduced last month with Feature Pack 1 for XenDesktop, XenApp and the Citrix Receiver.
The VDI plugin just announced by Microsoft supports this optimized architecture when delivering Lync 2013 …”

NetScaler HA: Managing Tagged versus Untagged Traffic

Apply Citrix XenServer patches using CLI

Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.5 Administrator's Guide

Why does Personal vDisk use static pooled desktops?

IMA Helper Tool
IMA Helper is designed to facilitate the process of running DSMAINT CONFIG on XenApp servers. The tool provides a Graphical User Interface for DSMAINT CONFIG to the XenApp Administrator.”

NetScaler GSLB: Parent-Child Sites

Branch Repeater QoS vs. Router QoS: Consider the possibilities…..

## DataCore Software ##

DataCore: How to Virtualize the Storage (SANsymphony-V now at V9.0!)

## EMC ##

EMC VNXe Tutorials

EMC CLARiiON Support

## FCoE ##

Multihop FCoE – Why Vendors / Customers are still notoriously resilient to it ?

## Hitachi ##

Bob Plankers (@plankers)
Did you know that Hitachi USP-V* arrays don't support VAAI with replication enabled? Yeah.”

## HP ##

HP 3PAR gets a boost with SSD
.. an all-solid state drive (SSD) configuration for 3PAR ... supports up to 512 SSDs per array … lowers cost per IOPS by 70% ... all SSD 3PAR P10000 reduces cost per kilowatt hour by more than 80%”

Peer Motion on HP LeftHand Storage
How to Perform a Volume Migration
How to Perform a Cluster Swap

## Juniper Networks ##

Rack full of Juniper MX's and SRX's

## Microsoft ##

RemoteFX Dual Remote Screens displayed on a 3 Monitor workstation!?

Release: Microsoft App-V 5.0 Beta 2

Exchange 2010 Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) – Storage v3.0

## Microsoft Customer Study ##

Engineering Firm Virtualizes Field Servers, Saves $3.2 Million, with Switch to Hyper-V
... wanted a more cost-effective virtualization solution than VMware, which was too expensive to extend to field offices.”

## NetApp ##

NetApp E-5460

E5400 Technical Specifications
E5460: 60 drives of up to 3TB - that's 180TB - in 4U (45TB/U)!

NetApp provides Lustre Filesystem for Sequoia: announced as number one of the top 500 supercomputers at ISC’12

Disk Shelves for FAS and V-Series Systems
Check out the new DS4486 with 48 LFF drives in 4U.

## NetApp Customer Stories ##

Raven Industries
Industry: Manufacturing
Products and Services:
NetApp FAS2000 series storage
NetApp Snapshot and SnapRestore technologies
NetApp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure
NetApp SnapMirror technology
NetApp deduplication

## Veeam ##

Backup Academy Videos

Backing Up vCentre Using Veeam 6.1

## VMware ##

VMware vSphere 5 Host NIC Network Design Layout and vSwitch Configuration [Major Update]

It's Raining vCenter Orchestrator Plug-ins!

VMware will beat Microsoft on releasing a new version of virtualization platform?
... the management software needed to manage Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 (SCVMM 2012), is still in a pre-beta phase!”

System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 CTP2
Date published: 6/15/2012
... is for evaluation purposes only and not to be used in production ...”

VMware Labs - Flings
Includes: Auto Deploy GUI, ESX System Analyzer, I/O Analyzer, InventorySnapshot, IOBlazer, Thinapped vSphere Client

Detecting ESXi Remote Syslog Connection Error Using a vCenter Alarm

RemovingEject VMware Virtual disk SCSI Disk Device”
Part 1: VM Properties
devices.hotplug = "false"
Part 2:Batch file to run as a computer startup script
:: Disable eject hard disk
:: Original value: 6
reg.exe add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0054&SUBSYS_197615AD&REV_01\4&1f16fef7&0&00A8" /v Capabilities /t REG_DWORD /d 2 /f
:: Disable eject network card
:: Original value: 6
reg.exe add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_100F&SUBSYS_075015AD&REV_01\4&3ad87e0a&0&0088" /v Capabilities /t REG_DWORD /d 2 /f

NetApp and IBM both vMSC (vSphere Metro Storage Cluster) certified...
Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller
vSphere 5.0 support with NetApp MetroCluster
Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) using EMC VPLEX
Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using HP LeftHand Multi-Site”

Storage DRS enables SIOC on datastores only if I/O load balancing is enabled

vCloud Ecosystem Monitoring with vCenter Operations and vFabric Hyperic

VMware and Cisco UCS Integration

Shadow a VMware View desktop session

vCloud Basics for IT Admins: Key Features

VMware vCloud Director 1.5 Performance and Best Practices

Admission control: "used slots" exceeds "total slots"
How can you have 66 slots used and only 16 total slots available in your cluster? There are two possible explanations:
1. Admission Control is disabled
2. A reservation was set on a virtual machine after all virtual machines were powered on, skewing the numbers”

Tool Update - VMware WSX July Tech Preview Release
"... enables users to access the console of their shared virtual machines via a web browser without installing any plug-ins or web controls."

What is VMware Switch?
... provides an introduction to using VMware Horizon Mobile on your device.”

Lag When Dragging a Window Between Monitors in VMware View

SRM and SwapFiles

## WolframAlpha ##

Computational Knowledge Engine