How to Install vCenter 5 with SRM 5 and Compellent Integration - Part 3

The following step-by-step walkthrough goes through the steps for installing a vSphere 5 infrastructure with SRM and integrating with Compellent Enterprise Manager. The article has been split up into 4 parts:

Part 3: Install the Compellent Enterprise Managers

3.1 Login with the EMService account/an account with local admin rights
3.2 Install Java 1.6 JRE or later
3.3 Launch the “Compellent Enterprise Manager Data Collector Setup” exe and run through the InstallShield Wizard
3.4 Run through the Enterprise Manager Data Collector Setup configuring as per requirements
Note 1: EM01 will be the Primary Data Collector
Note 2.1: In the image above the Data Source Type is chosen as File System for the embedded database
Note 2.2: Default install path for the embedded database is ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Compellent Technologies\Compellent Enterprise Manager\msaservice\etc’ - change this to install on the D drive
Note 3: Enterprise Manager will need a license key, but can skip initially
Note 4: Will need to create an Administrator User - say emadmin
3.5 When the Enterprise Manager Data Collector Setup is Complete, connect to the Data Collector Web Site at https://{IP of Enterprise Manager Server}:3033/em/EnterpriseManager to download Client and Server Agent
3.6 Install the Enterprise Manager Client
Note 1: The Server Agent is not required here - it is allows Enterprise Manager to free volume storage space from expired Replays that would otherwise remain locked by Windows on Windows servers that use iSCSI or FC attached storage on the Compellent SAN
Note 2: Configuring Compellent Enterprise Manager is out of scope of this document

3.7 Repeat 3.1 to 3.6 for EM02, the difference is that we configure the Data Collector as a Remote Data Collector and will need to input the details for the Primary Data Collector on install
Note: The Primary Data Collector must be licensed otherwise receive an error “Primary Data Collector is not licensed …”