Tech Round Up 4th November 2012

Random interesting tech stuff from: Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Kemp, Microsoft, NetApp, Riverbed, and VMwareFavourites from the below: NetApp ExpressPod Implementation Guide and VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator.

## Cisco ##

Cisco Cloud Connectors:

Wireless security solution.

## Citrix ##

Slideshow from Citrix Synergy

“We’re releasing Project Accelerator, the all-new, all-singin’ and dancin’ version of what used to be called Desktop Transformation Accelerator at the end of this year.”

## EMC ##

Next-Generation Storage Monitoring


## Kemp ##

Video by Peter Melerud of Kemp, with slides available too, and links to Kemp’s LoadMaster 2200/2600/3600/5300 products and solutions.

## Microsoft ##

9 courses covering Server 2012!

Another great Microsoft poster

If you’re interested in developing apps and games for Windows Phone 8, then check out the SDK.

Pay with a tweet!

A Guide to Understanding Hyper-V Performance Monitoring – free white paper from Dell vKernel

“When automatic mounting of new volumes is disabled on Windows 2008 Hyper-V Host systems, then online backups of (capable) guest systems will fail.” Solution is to enable automatic mounting with either:
- diskpart > automount enable
- mountvol /E
(Relates to Windows Backup, DPM, …)

- True UEFI and Secure Boot
- Data center-ready BitLocker drive encryption
- Early Launch Anti-Malware
- Data classification
- Dynamic Access Controls and Expression-Based Authorization Rules
- Kerberos improvements
- Group Managed Service Accounts
- Internet Information Service 8
- GUI-based, fine-grained password policies

## Netapp##

Interesting walkthrough install guide!

Online IO alignment!

Overview of PeakColo architecture:

Comparison of NetApp cluster with other leading SPC-1 results:

## Riverbed ##

Riverbed had released their Cascade 10.0 advanced Application Aware Network Performance Management (NPM) product. For MSPs and Internal IT Teams dissatisfied with their current NPM solution and/or wanting more visibility into virtual environments, this is well worth a look.

## VMware ##

VMware vSphere 5.1 vs. Microsoft Hyper-V / Citrix XenServer 5.6 – Acquisition Cost Comparison

Including information on Upgrade Strategy

Explanation into how vSphere 5 handles DPL and APD. Improved handling over vSphere 4.0

Useful article regards implementing custom certificates.