XenServer – The Network Contains Active VIFs and Cannot Be Deleted


The error below occurs on a XenServer 6.0.2 Pool, when trying to remove a Bond network after a failed Bond Create which meant having to run the Emergency Network Reset on the Master and then all Slaves in the Pool.

Figure: The network contains active VIFs and cannot be deleted

On checking all the Virtual Machines, none are using ‘Bond 1+3’


Via the local command shell on the pool master we run the following commands:

# xe network-list
From the output obtain the UUID for the problem network.

# xe network-destroy uuid=3d9b58fb-f5d5-2487-db0f-17f7417b48c7
From the output obtain the VIF UUID of the problem VIF that is preventing the network destroy.

# xe vif-destroy uuid=b5205450-4a07-2a65-b9c2-ba9b5be4b4b4
The VIF is now destroyed allowing the network to be destroyed.

# xe network-destroy uuid=3d9b58fb-f5d5-2487-db0f-17f7417b48c7

All done!


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