Dell EqualLogic SAN HeadQuarters: SAN Assist Setup

One of the great new features about SAN HQ 2.5 (released in December 2012) is the new SAN Assist feature.

First things first, download the latest version of SAN HeadQuarters from If you’ve already got SAN HeadQuarters, it is fine to run the setup and upgrade over an existing installation, keeping configurations and data.

When you first login to SAN HQ Version 2.5.X, you’ll see a new SAN Assist button,

Image: SAN Assist
Image: SAN Assist options
The options available from the SAN Assist button are:

1) Configuration Wizard
“This wizard will guide you through the process of enabling SAN Assist data collection for the PS Series groups that are monitored by SAN Headquarters Servers. SAN Assist data collection will allow Dell Support to automatically receive detailed diagnostic and configuration information, enabling pro-active monitoring of well-known detectable issues and improved customer notification about potential resolutions. All data collected by SAN Assist is uploaded to the Dell Data Center using a secure encrypted channel over the internet. No sensitive information, such as passwords or data stored on PS Series volumes, is collected and transmitted to the Dell Data Center.
“Under normal conditions SAN Assist data collection will occur once per week. Data collection can also be triggered when the system detects critical conditions or when you choose to run data collection on-demand.”

2) Run Now
3) Decrypt Local Data Packages
“This wizard allows for the selection of one or more Diagnostics Local Data Packages to be decrypted for review before submitting them to the Dell Data Center.”

How to Configure SAN Assist

Following through the SAN Assist Configuration Wizard (SACW):

1) Accept the license agreement and Next >
2) Select the PS Series Groups to configure for SAN Assist and Next >

Image: SACW – PS Series Group Selection for SAN Assist
3) Provide Group Admin Credentials and a SAN Assist Read-Only Account Password, then click Apply & Test and Next >

Image: SACW – PS Series Group Login Credentials
4) Provide an available server IP Address for Group Syslog Servers and Next >

Image: SACW – Syslog Server Configuration
5) Provide your Customer Contact Information and Next >

Image: SACW – Customer Contact Information
6) Specify ‘Data collection and upload settings’ and Next >

Image: SACW – Data collection and upload settings
7) Finally, verify your settings and click Configure!

Image: SACW – Ready to configure SAN Assist
And click OK to the ‘Saving SAN Assist Configuration completed successfully.’

Note: SAN Assist Settings can be reconfigured later via Settings > SAN Assist Settings

Image: SAN Assist Settings


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