ROBOCOPY, FSMT, & VMware Converter Asynchronous: Part 2/3


The Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit is freely downloadable from Microsoft.

Quick Step by Step Walkthrough:
1. On the Windows 2008R2 fileserver, download fsmigrate_x64.msi and run the msi
2. Follow through the Setup Wizard:
Next > Accept > Next > Next > Complete > Next > Install
3. Start the File Server Migration Toolkit Launch Pad
This list 3 Steps:
Step 1 – Planning
Step 2 – Prepare to maintain original UNC paths (optional)
Step 3 – Run the File Server Migration Wizard
4. Run the File Server Migration Wizard
4.1 Create a new migration project
4.1.1 New Project Wizard: Next >
4.1.2 New Project Wizard: Project Name and Location, Next >
4.1.3 New Project Wizard: DFS Consolidation Root Server, check or uncheck ‘Use the following DFS root server’ depending on whether using one or not, Next >

Image: New Project Wizard – DFS Consolidation Root Server

 Note: In the continuing example, a DFS root server is not used.

4.1.4 New Project Wizard: Default Location for Migrated Shared Folders, specify location and Next >

Image: New Project Wizard – Default Location for Migrated Shared Folders

4.1.5 Finish
4.2 Click ‘Add Server…’ to add a Source file server, verify Settings, then click ‘Continue >’

Image: Source file server with 6 shares

4.3 Validating Settings/Ready to copy: settings will be validated and if all is okay, click ‘Continue >’ again to copy the shared files and folders.
Note: To sync delta changes after the first copy, it works to click ‘< Back’ and ‘Continue >’ between Copy and Finalize, to bring the delta changes across from the source.
4.4: Ready to finalize: click ‘Continue >’ and click Yes to the Warning regards ‘… access to the source shares will be disabled …’

Image: FSMT, Ready to finalize Warning

4.5: Success – Migration!

To summarize: FSMT is a bit like ROBOCOPY with a GUI, automated control of shares, and being able to leverage DFS.

Note: If using DFS “FSMT requires that the DFS root server is not a domain controller.”


  1. Very good step-by-step guide for migration!

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  3. nice article, but i have a question, DFS Consolidation root wizard within FSMT requires a datacenter edition (2012 R2), is it a tool requirement, or a feature requirement ?
    Is there a way to use consolidation root in standard edition ?


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