NetApp FAS2240-4 with DS4243 Installation Notes: Part 2/2 - Updating Software and Firmware

Part 1/2 - Basic Setup

4. How to Update Data ONTAP to 8.1.2

Here we’re assuming the new filer is already on 8.X!
IMPORTANT: Please read the official NetApp documentation before proceeding with updating your filers!
Note: This cannot be done via the SP IP, must be done via e0M or e0a, e0b … (a straight Ethernet cable is fine)

i. To check the version:

CTR-1> version

ii. Download the upgrade image - 812_q_image.tgz - from

iii. If you’ve not already got it, get a HTTP server like the excellent lightweight HFS.EXE from (another option is the more powerful Serva from here )

iv. Add the update image file to your HTTP file server:

Image: HTTP File Server and 812_q_image.tgz

v. From the CLI, run the following commands to download the software to the to the /etc/software directory, and then perform the upgrade

CTR-1> software get
Note: If there’s an image with the same name in there, use the option –f 812_q_image.tgz to force overwrite
CTR-1> software update 812_q_image.tgz

And repeat for the other controller!

Note: You could perform the update directly from the HTTP server with the following.
CTR-1> software update

vi. Reboot and then check the version after the reboot:

CTR-1> reboot
CTR-1> version

5. How to update the Service Processor (SP) firmware to 2.1.1

i. Login to the service processor
ii. To check the status of the service processor:

SP CTR-1> sp status

iii. Download the firmware 308-02263_A0_2.1.1_SP_FW.tar.gz from and rename SP_FW.tar.gz

iv. To download the SP firmware, reboot, and check the status:

SP CTR-1> sp update
SP CTR-1> sp reboot
SP CTR-1> sp status

Tip: The SP updates quickest via the SP/e0M port and SP IP!

6. How to update the Disk Shelf Firmware

*Run sysconfig -v to check firmware

In part 1, it was mentioned we wanted IOM6E firmware 0121, and IOM3 firmware 152. At this stage we’ve already upgraded to DOT 8.1.2, and this already has IOM6E.0121, but only IOM3.0151. To see this, run:

CTR-1> priv set advanced
CTR-1*> ls /etc/shelf_fw

The contents of shelf_fw in 8.1.2:

A method to get the software into the /etc/shelf_fw is to:
i. Download the IOM3.0152.SFW.tar or from (doesn’t really matter which)
ii. Unpack the contents to reveal a IOM3.0152.SFW and IOM3.0152.SFW.FVF file
iii. Add the two files above to our HTTP File Server
iv. From the DOT CLI, run:

CTR-1> software get
CTR-1> software get
CTR-1> priv set advanced
CTR-1*> mv /etc/software/IOM3.0152.SFW /etc/shelf_fw/IOM3.0152.SFW
CTR-1*> mv /etc/software/IOM3.0152.SFW.FVF /etc/shelf_fw/IOM3.0152.SFW.FVF
CTR-1*> ls /etc/shelf_fw

And that’s it, in DOT 7.3.2 and later the Firmware is automatically updated!

v. Run sysconfig -v to check firmware

Note 1: One other way to do this if you have an NFS license, is mount the /etc/shelf_fw directory to a Windows 7 machine, if you first install the Services for NFS as in the image below.

Image: Windows 7 - Services for NFS

Then the command to create the NFS export is:
CTR-1> exportsfs -io rw /etc/shelf_fw

Then the command to mount to the N: drive (for example) from the Windows DOS Prompt is:
C:> mount \\\etc\shelf_fw N:\

The only problem was that I didn’t have permission to write - I’m sure that’s me doing something dumb!
Similarly, it should be possible with a CIFS share, but the method above is nice and simple - and doesn’t require either a CIFS or NFS license too!

7. (Optional) How to Update the BIOS

For completeness, we’ll cover how to update the BIOS.

i. To list the contents of the boot device, and determine the BIOS version of your storage controller:

CTR-1> version -b
CTR-1> sysconfig -a

ii. Obtain the BIOS 8.1.0 image - - from
iii. Add the BIOS image to the HTTP server, and run:

CTR-1> software install
CTR-1> priv set advanced
CTR-1> download -d

iv. To verify:

CTR-1> version -b
CTR-1> sysconfig -a

v. If the storage controller is earlier than 8.1.0 a reboot is required, otherwise we’re done!