NetApp FAS3140A Port Identification

A quick post that may prove useful if you’re trying to map ports on your NetApp FAS3140 controllers to physical connections.

Figure: FAS3140A Logical View with Ports Identified (click to enlarge)

The figure above has a FAS3140A - two controllers, each controller with:
SLOTS 1&2 populated by Quad-Port FC HBA cards
SLOTS 3 &4 populated by Quad-Port Ethernet HBA cards

The colour scheme has:
Yellow = Serial Port
Blue = Ethernet Ports
Orange = Fibre Channel Ports

The takeaway from this post is that:
- Ethernet ports are named beginning with an e.
- FC ports start with a number.
- The number represents either the slot or is 0 for onboard.
- The onboard FC ports are - from left to right - 0a, 0b, 0c, 0d.
- The ports in slots 1to 4 are from left to right (e)Xd, (e)Xc, (e)Xb, (e)Xa (where X = the slot number).

The reason why we start on d at the left is because the HBA cards go in “upside down” when plugged into the riser which is mid-chassis.