OCB Quick Setup Guide: Part 3/9 - Installing the Proxy

To install the proxy (on Windows 2008R2 box):

1. Login to the Windows server with a local admin account.
2. Disable UAC.
3. Disable compatibility view for IE8 or enable compatibility view for IE9.

Note: I also turned off the Pop-up blocker, turned off the Windows firewall, and added the Balance Web UI to trusted sites after getting a “Failed to download … /bp-proxy-install-war/resources/bp-proxy-install-jetty.jar” error , but a reboot - after having uninstalled Java 64-bit and installed Java 32-bit - seemed to resolve.

5. Install Java (JRE) 32-bit, 1.6 or later.

Note: It is important that you install the 32-bit version of Java, the Balance Proxy will not install with the 64-bit which gets installed as standard on Windows 2008R2.32-bit and 64-bit versions of Java cannot coexist. To check if you’ve got the 32-bit version check the default install location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6 or jre7. The latest 32-bit installer as of writing is jre-7u17-windows-i586.

6. Install Adobe Flash Player 11.2 or later.
7. Enter the Balance IP Address into the internet browser and login to the Web UI.
8. Go to Admin > Advanced > and click on “Install/Upgrade Balance Proxy”

Image: Balance > Admin - Advanced Administration

9. Accept Yes/Run to any Java Security Warnings that popup, and the “Balance Proxy Installer” will open.

Image: “Welcome to the Balance Proxy Installer”

10. Balance Proxy Installer:

- Click Next
- If not done automatically, browse to the 32-bit JRE path, then click Next
- Answer: Install Directory, Port (9443), Service User name and Password (current login), Use Administrative account (Recommended) or Local System Account, Start service immediately after install, then click Next

Image: Balance Proxy Installer Configuration Options

- Tick any of the additional SAN provider softwares that has been installed

Image: Balance Proxy SAN Providers

- Click Install
- Click Finish

11. Check the Balance-Proxy service has started!!!