How to Update the Disk Qualification Package in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.X

Downloads > Firmware > Disk Drive & Firmware Matrix
Click on the link to download ‘Disk Qualification Package’ (Updated 11-APR-2013)
Click the Download .zip button at the bottom of the page to download:

Add the file to your web server.

Image: presented in HTTP File Server

Part 1: Check if the Disk Qualification Package is required

Note: The current version of qual_devices_v3 is noted by datecode 20130228 (check on the download page.)

To determine if it is required run:

node run -node nodename -command rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3

If the datecode is older than the latest, or there is ‘no such file or directory’ then the latest Disk Qualification Package is required.

Part 2: Installing the Disk Qualification Package

Select the advanced privilege level:

set -priv advanced

To download the disk qualification package:

storage firmware download -node nodename -package http://web_server/

And that’s it!
Wait 5 minutes or so for the system to process newly installed disk qualification packages.

TIP: You can use nodename of * (wildcard) to download the disk qualification package to all nodes!