Checks to Complete a NetApp FAS/V-Series Basic Install (7-Mode)

Below is a brief listing of some basic tasks/checks to complete an install of a NetApp FAS/V-Series controller. This post follows on from having completed the hardware install (cabling and such), powered on the system, and having run through the setup script applying a basic configuration.

Software updates

To get software (e.g DOT 8.1.2P4):
FAS1&2> software get

To update software (e.g for 8.1.2P4):
FAS1&2> software update 812P4_q_image.tgz

Reboot to complete the software upgrade:
FAS1&2> reboot

Basic Checks:

To check ACP:
FAS1&2> storage show acp

To check disk MPHA:
FAS1&2> storage show disk -p

To get environmentals:
FAS1&2> environment status

To check the root volume container aggregate is healthy:
FAS1&2> aggr status

To check the root volume is healthy:
FAS1&2> vol status

To show devices on the system:
FAS1&2> sysconfig -ca

Basic Configuration:

To show all the licenses:
FAS1&2> license

To add any licenses:
FAS1&2> license add XXXXXXX

Enabling HA:
FAS1or2> cf enable

Checking HA (CF = Controller Failover) status:
FAS1&2> cf status

Note: It is always good to cf enable before leaving site - if all is well hardware health wise, this removes the amber warning light on the heads, leaving all lights green!

Assigning Disks:
FAS1&2> options disk.auto_assign off
FAS1> disk show -n
FAS1> disk assign {disk_name}
FAS2> disk assign all
FAS1&2> options disk.auto_assign on

Advanced Configuration - Resizing the Root Volume:

To see the total size and used space of volumes:
FAS1&2> df -h

To reallocate files in vol0:
FAS1&2> reallocate start -f -p /vol/vol0

To check reallocate status:
FAS1&2> reallocate status

To resize the volume:
FAS1&2> vol status
FAS1&2> vol size vol0 300g

Advanced Configuration - Un-assigning Disks:

FAS> priv set advanced
FAS*> disk show
FAS*> disk remove_ownership {disk_name}
FAS*> disk show -n
FAS*> priv set