Sunday, 28 July 2013

SnapMirror 7DOT CLI Notes and Procedures: Part 2/2

Procedure 3: How to setup SnapMirror setup (re-rerun)

SRC> vol create vol1 aggr1 10g
SRC> vol options vol1 create_ucode on
SRC> vol options vol1 convert_ucode on
SRC> vol options vol1 nosnap on
SRC> qtree create /vol/vol1/q1
SRC> options snapmirror.access host=DST

DST> vol create vol1 aggr1 10g
DST> vol options vol1 create_ucode on
DST> vol options vol1 convert_ucode on
DST> vol options vol1 nosnap on
DST> vol restrict vol1
DST> snapmirror initialize -S SRC:vol1 DST:vol1

Procedure 4: How to do a SnapMirror Failover and Failback

i. SnapMirror Failover

Convert the read-only volume replica to a writable file system:
DST> snapmirror break vol1

ii. SnapMirror Failback

On the destination
Enable the source for snapmirror access to the destination:
DST> options snapmirror.access host=SRC

On the source
Resync the relationship:
SRC> snapmirror resync -S DST:vol1 SRC:vol1
SRC> snapmirror status
SRC> snapmirror break vol1

On the destination
Release the reverse relationship:
DST> snapmirror destinations
DST> snapmirror release vol1 SRC:vol1
DST> snapmirror status

On the source
Identify the snapshot copy created by the resync:
SRC> snapmirror status -l
There will be a ‘Broken-off’ relationship and here we want to delete its ‘Base Snapshot’.
SRC> snap delete vol1 SRC(0012345678)_vol1.3
SRC> snapmirror status

On the destination
Reinstate the original SnapMirror relationship:
DST> snapmirror resync -S SRC:vol1 DST:vol1
Confirm y to “Are you sure you want to resync the volume?”
DST> snapmirror status

iii. Testing the relationship is working

On the source
SRC> snap create vol1 test_snap
SRC> snap list vol1

On the destination
DST> snapmirror update -S SRC:vol1 DST:vol1
DST> snap list vol1

Procedure 5: How to use SnapMirror with FlexClone for DR Testing

i. Overview

Source: Create a regular Snapshot copy of the source volume
SRC> snap create vol1 {SNAPSHOT_NAME}
Destination: Trigger a SnapMirror Update
DST> snapmirror update vol1
Destination: Clone volume using the Snapshot copy
DST> vol clone create {CLONE_NAME} -b vol1 {SNAPSHOT_NAME}
Destination: View shared Snapshot copies
DST> snap list vol1

ii. Creating the FlexClone Volume

On the destination
DST> snap list -b vol1
DST> vol clone create clone_vol1 -b vol1 test_snap
DST> vol status clone_vol1
DST> snap list vol1
DST> snapmirror update -S SRC:vol1 DST:vol1

iii. Splitting of the Clone

On the destination
DST> vol clone split estimate clone_vol1
DST> vol clone split start clone_vol1
DST> vol status -v clone_vol1

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