NetApp Clustered ONTAP 8.2, iSCSI, and MPIO with Server 2012: Part 1/5

In this 5 part series, we:
Part 1: Configure iSCSI on Clustered Data ONTAP
Part 2: Set up Windows Server 2012 with iSCSI and MPIO, NetApp Host Utilities, NetApp DSM for MPIO
Part 3: How to install NetApp SnapDrive for Windows 7.0
Part 4: Use NetApp SnapDrive for Windows to create a disk and attach via iSCSI
Part 5: Use the NetApp Data ONTAP DSM to manage paths and modify MPIO path policies

Part 1: How to configure iSCSI in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2

All the below is done at the cluster prompt (which is nac1::> in this lab).

The following commands:
- Add required licenses
- Create a Vserver and allow for iscsi only
- Modify/setup Vserver login accounts
- Create a Vserver Management LIF
- Create 2 x iSCSI Data LIFs
- Create an iSCSI server
- Create a LUN Portset
- Create a volume

license add -license-code URNZKTJWOZNBBGXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #iscsi
license add -license-code MZVOPTJWOZNBBGXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapManager (and SnapDrive) products

vserver create -vserver vs1 -rootvolume vs1_root -aggregate aggr1_nac1_01 -ns-switch file,nis -nm-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix -language C.UTF-8 -snapshot-policy default

vserver modify -vserver vs1 -allowed-protocols iscsi

security login password -username vsadmin -vserver vs1
security login unlock -username vsadmin -vserver vs1
security login create -username snapdrive -application ontapi -authmethod password -role vsadmin -vserver vs1

net int create -vserver vs1 -lif vs1_admin -role data -data-protocol none -home-node nac1-01 -home-port e0a -address -netmask -failover-policy  nextavail -firewall-policy mgmt

net int create -vserver vs1 -lif vs1_iscsi_1 -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node nac1-01 -home-port e0c -address -netmask
net int create -vserver vs1 -lif vs1_iscsi_2 -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node nac1-01 -home-port e0d -address -netmask

vserver iscsi create -vserver vs1 -target-alias vs1

lun portset create -vserver vs1 -portset vs1_iscsi_pset_1 -protocol iscsi -port-name vs1_iscsi_1,vs1_iscsi_2

vol create -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -aggregate aggr2_nac1_01 -size 50g -space-guarantee none

Now we should have everything in place for SnapDrive to do its magic and create the iSCSI sessions, LUNs, igroups, and LUN maps!

Image: Magic


  1. Thanks for this ,

    Remember the home-port ( should be if_group of two connections ) should be in the same IP Space of the SVM

    I actually had to change the nodes of each LIF to be able to add

    net int create -vserver vs1 -lif vs1_iscsi_1 -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node nac1-01 -home-port e0c -address -netmask
    net int create -vserver vs1 -lif vs1_iscsi_2 -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node nac1-02 -home-port e0d -address -netmask


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