Research Links & Info - 22nd December 2013

Just a place to put some links and notes collected in my inbox over the last 2 months…
With sections: Citrix, Microsoft, Microsoft PowerShell, NetApp, Veeam, VMware and more…

## Citrix ##

XenServer Performance Tuning – Top 5 Recommended Guides

Image: XenServer Metrics

## Microsoft ##

Storage Spaces Inside a Virtual Machine Is Not Supported

UPDATED: Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster and Hyper-V Mini-Posters

Virtual machine enters a paused state or a CSV volume goes offline when you try to create a backup of the virtual machine on a Windows Server 2012-based failover cluster

“… recommend to disable this functionality when storage behind CSV does not support ODX …”

Deploy Windows Offloaded Data Transfers

“… (even better) recommend making the upgrade to Hyper-V 2012 R2 … because it has a lot of polish specifically around backup logic …”

## Microsoft PowerShell ##

I’ve been doing a lot of PowerShell recently, these I’ve kept note of as really useful links:

PowerShell Command Line Introduction

How to Integrate Microsoft Excel with PowerShell

PowerShell Tutorial 8: Conditional Logic (if, elseif, else, and switch)

Creating an array similar to the output of a cmdlet

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Tips

Windows PowerShell Tip of the Week: Creating Custom Tables

Windows PowerShell Tip of the Week: Working with Hash Tables

TechNet: Scripting with Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell Owner’s Manual:

Windows PowerShell Owner’s Manual: Aliases

## NetApp ##

How to unlock a shared file on NetApp CIFS
lock status -f "/vol/Share/folder/file.xlsx" -p cifs
lock break -f "/vol/Share/folder/file.xlsx" -p cifs

Automating Lun Serial changes after Netapp head swap using Powershell

PowerShell Snapdrive Create Snapshots and Remove Snapshots

## Create Snapshot ##
$date=(Get-Date -Format dd-MM-yyyy_HH-mm)
sdcli snap create -s $date -D e

## Remove Snapshots beyond 5 days ##
Get-NaVol vol_test | Get-NaSnapshot | where-object {$_.Created -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-5)} | remove-nasnapshot

Differences between FlexClone LUNs and LUN clones

Creating load-sharing mirror relationships

Misaligned I/O can occur on properly aligned LUNs

And checking LUN alignment in Clustered ONTAP:
::*> lun show -alignment misaligned -fields alignment
::*> lun show -alignment partial-writes -fields alignment


7Mode> uptime
CMode::> system node show -fields uptime

Data ONTAP 8: How to copy files from a Cluster-Mode filer

## Veeam ##

Gostev’s weekly “Veeam Community Forums Digest” is always an excellent source of info!

Recommended hotfixes for Hyper-V servers

Hyper-V: Update List for Windows Server 2012

## VMware ##

Updated vCenter Server 5.5.0a Released

Update sequence for vSphere 5.5 and its compatible VMware products (2057795)

Installing vCenter Server 5.5 best practices (2052334)

Virtual SAN (Beta)

VMware Tools for Nested ESXi

VMware Support: Top 20 Articles for November 2013

Unable to install Flash on Windows Server 2012 for use with the vSphere Web Client (2054049)

Jumbo Frames with VMware ESXi

An interesting virtualization startup (thanks Al!)

## NetApp Brief Notes ##

SnapMirror: There must be at least one common snapshot for SnapMirror resync to be possible, otherwise SnapMirror initialize must be done again.

The CMode equivalent of the 7Mode -
lun show -m
- command is -
lun mapped

This command helps register the node as being online on for
autosupport invoke -node name -type all -message

## NetApp Tips 1 ##

Tip for Creating Lots of CIFS Shares in CDOT using Excel

Note: Remember to place spaces as required!
Row 1 is for column titles.
Column A = vserver cifs share create -vserver
Column B = {Populate with vserver names}
Column C = -share-name
Column D = “
Column E = {Populate with share names}
Column F = “
Column G = -path
Column H = “
Column I = {Populate with base path like ‘/NAME/’ }
Column J = {Populate with next level path like ‘SHARE’ }
Column K = {Populate with subsequent levels like ‘/folder’ }
Column L = “
Column M = -share-properties
Column N = {Populate with share properties such as ‘oplocks,browsable,changenotify’}
Column O = CONCATENATE(A2,B2,C2,D2,E2,F2,G2,H2,I2,J2,K2,L2,M2,N2)
And fill down for as many shares as need to be created!

And some other commands to check you’re looking in the right area:
1) To get IP address of fileserver from Windows:
C:\Users\Winuser> ping FILESERVERNAME
2) To find which LIF owns that address (X.X.X.X is obtained above):
CDOT::> net int show -address X.X.X.X
3) To verify existing paths:
CDOT::> cifs share show -vserver VSERVERNAME -fields path *PATH_STRING*

## NetApp Tips 2 ##

CDOT: Creating CIFS Volume Quotas - Tracking Only Quotas‏
quota policy create -vserver vs1 -policy-name volumePolicy
vserver modify -vserver vs1 -quota-policy volumePolicy
quota policy rule create -vserver vs1 -policy-name volumePolicy -volume testshare -type user -target "" -qtree "" -soft-disk-limit 1g
quota modify -vserver vs1 -volume testshare -state on
quota report -vserver vs1 -volume testshare

Also see:

## NetApp - Troubleshooting 1: SDW and SME ##

Triage Template – How to troubleshoot issues when using SnapDrive for Windows

Triage Template – How to troubleshoot SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange Server issues

Top 10 SnapDrive/ SnapManager issues and solutions

Top 10 SnapDrive for Windows issues and solutions

## NetApp - Troubleshooting 2: fru_led ##

OEM: Fault LEDs constantly lit on 62xx, 32xx, and 22xx systems

For Data ONTAP versions 8.1.3 or later:

From the SP CLI:
SP node> priv set diag
SP node*> system fru led show 0

From the Data ONTAP 7-mode shell or clustered Data ONTAP nodeshell:
node> priv set diag
node*> fru_led status
node*> show_faults

To turn off all LEDs:
node*> fru_led off all


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