Thursday, 20 March 2014

“Show”s in Clustered ONTAP 8.1.4 Clustershell: Part 2/2 - Diag Privilege Level

Part 2: CDOT 8.1.4 Additional “Show”s at the Diag Privilege Level (146)

cluster kernel-service show
cluster peer address active show
cluster peer address stable show
cluster ring show
diag nblade cifs credentials show
diag nblade cifs path-mapping show
diag nblade cifs server show
diag nblade fhmap-cache show
diag secd authentication show-creds
diag secd authentication show-ontap-admin-unix-creds
diag secd cache show-config
diag secd cache show-krb-creds
diag secd configuration show-fields
diag secd connections show
diag secd log show
diag secd name-mapping show
diag secd netgroup show-hosts
diag secd netgroup show-triples
diag secd server-discovery show-host
diag secd server-discovery show-lif
diag secd trace show
event show-queues
event show-statistics
event show-suppression
event tracelog log show
job bad show
job initstate show
job live show
job localstore cache show
job localstore cache state show
job localstore db show
job localstore db state show
job log show
job private show
job private show-completed
job queue show
job rdb show
job rdb state show
job store show
job store state show
job thread show
job type show
job type show-category
job waitqueue show
logger bcomd log show
logger mgwd log show
logger notifyd log show
logger vifmgr log show
logger vldb log show
lun persistent-reservation show
network blade-information show
network connections options buffer show
network interface cdb show
network interface cdb show-routing-group
network interface ids show
network interface owners show
network loadbalance show
network novsprocs show
network port cdb show
network routing-groups cdb show
network routing-groups route cdb show
qos policy read-ahead show
qos policy show
qos workload show
qos workload stream show
repository balance capacity show
repository placement file-create show
repository volume show
security certificate file show
security certificate show
spm show
statistics jobmgr job-stats show
statistics jobmgr job-stats show-details
statistics jobmgr job-stats show-summary-by-affinity
statistics jobmgr job-stats show-summary-by-instance-name
statistics jobmgr job-stats show-summary-by-serialized-id
statistics jobmgr job-stats show-summary-by-type-name
statistics jobmgr single-stats show
statistics jobmgr single-stats show-details
statistics jobmgr single-stats show-summary-by-name
statistics perf latency show
statistics rdb quorum events show
statistics rdb quorum voting show
statistics rdb transactions show
statistics rdb transactions show-details
statistics rdb transactions show-summary-by-label
statistics reset show
statistics secd show
statistics striping show
statistics striping show-summary
statistics volume move latency show
statistics volume move latency show-details
statistics volume move latency show-summary-by-destination
statistics volume move latency show-summary-by-source-node
statistics volume move latency show-summary-by-source-volume
statistics volume move summary show
storage aggregate wafliron member show
storage aggregate wafliron show
storage failover interconnect show-link
storage failover interconnect statistics error show
storage failover internal-options show
storage failover mailbox-disk show
storage failover progress-table show
system capability clusterset show
system capability show
system configuration backup settings show
system configuration backup show
system diag hgi contents show
system diag hgi show
system node autosupport budget show
system node image key show
system node platform ifswitch global show
system node platform ifswitch mode show
system node platform ifswitch phy show
system node platform ifswitch port show
system node platform show_bios_log
system node upgrade-revert show
system node upgrade-revert show-task-status
system services firewall policy service show
system services manager configuration show
system services manager consdef show
system services manager definition show
system services manager endpoint show
system services manager event show
system services manager install by-node show
system services manager policy journal show
system services ndmp kernel show
system services replication file show
system services replication show
system services web diagnostic log show
system services web diagnostic show
system services web packages show
volume check show
volume file show-fhmap
volume lost-found show
volume probe intentlog show
volume probe show
volume snapshot member show
volume transition-log show
vserver cifs show-sid
vserver cifs superuser show
vserver iscsi tpgroup show
vserver locks nfsv4 show
vserver nfs pnfs devices cache show
vserver nfs pnfs devices mappings show
vserver nfs pnfs devices show

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