OnCommand System Manager 3.1 - Quick Install Guide

Not that it really needs a post, more for completeness (of what’s planned for later), here I quickly run through installing System Manager 3.1 (for Windows).


O/S: Windows Vista or better
Specs: x86 processor (32 or 64-bit), 1 GB RAM, 1GB video RAM, 1 GB disk space
Software: Adobe Flash Player 11.0 or later, Java JRE7
Browser: IE 9 or 10 (no compatibility mode), Firefox 26, Chrome 32
Display: 1280 x 1024 (best experience)
Manages: CDOT 8.1.3+, 7DOT 7.3.7 & 8.0.4+ **
*See http://support.netapp.com/matrix  for the most up to date information.
**This work is focused on CDOT.

Ports used by System Manager to Communicate with Storage Systems

HTTP port 80 {if HTTPS not configured/working}
HTTPS port 443 {more secure than HTTP}
SNMP port 161 (UDP)

Configuring SNMP for Clustered Data ONTAP (Optional)

From the clustershell:

::> system snmp community add -type ro -community-name public
::> system snmp community show
::> firewall policy show -service snmp
::> firewall policy modify -service snmp -policy mgmt -action allow
::> options snmp.enable on

Note: By default (at least in CDOT 8.2.1), SNMP is allowed on the mgmt firewall policy (applied to cluster and node mgmt LIFs) for all IPs. Also by default, no SNMP communities are configured.

::> system services firewall policy show -service snmp -policy mgmt
Policy           Service    Action IP-List
---------------- ---------- ------ --------------------
                 snmp       allow
::> snmp community
This table is currently empty.


Download the software package from:

Installing the software:
Double-click the downloaded sysmgr-setup-3-1-win.exe

NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1 Setup: Welcome to the … Wizard
Click Next >

Image: Installing OCSM 3.1
NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1 Setup: Choose Install Location
Leave as/change from the default path - C:\Program Files\NetApp\OnCommand System Manager
Click Next >

NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1 Setup: Web Server
Leave to automatically select port number, or choose from 1024-65535
Click Next >

Image: OCSM 3.1 Jetty Web Server Setup
{And wait!}

NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1 Setup: Complete
Click Finish

Running OCSM 3.1

Either click the shortcut* on the desktop or from ‘All Programs’
*The shortcut points to (default) "C:\Program Files\NetApp\OnCommand System Manager\SystemManager.exe"

Image: OCSM 3.1 Web UI
Note: Even though OCSM opens up in a web browser, it is not available from outside the workstation it is installed on, since it only listens on the loopback address.

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  1. Hi.
    I installed NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2on java 7u40 but when I run it browse display error:
    The requested URL could not be retrieved
    Connection to Failed
    (10061) WSAECONNREFUSED, Connection refused
    My FW is down. so then it isn´t block conections.
    I try to update java to 8u45 with out success
    I googlin for solutions but don fout about that error.
    Everybody talk about java version bun no about localhost.

    May you helpme please?

    In advance thank´s


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