Resurrecting a vFiler

It’s remarkably simply to destroy a vFiler and then bring it back from the dead 100% complete. Here’s a way to do it!

Before destroying it, get and keep the ‘vfiler status -a’, so you know which interface(s) it’s IP address(es) are on:

vfiler status -a

Then stop and destroy the vFiler (using a vFiler called VFILER2 for this post):

vfiler stop VFILER2
vfiler destroy VFILER2

Then, to resurrect the vFiler, just run ‘vfiler create VFILERNAME -r PATH_TO_ETC’ (which is obtained from the ‘vfiler status -a’ output - in this example, the vFiler’s root is in a qtree in the vFiler0's vol0):

vfiler create VFILER2 -r  /vol/vol0/VFILER2

When you re-run setup on the resurrected vFiler (which needs to be done to make it functional), the existing exports, hosts, hosts.equiv, nsswitch.conf, and resolv.conf get rewritten (kept with .bak on the end.) The below method uses ndmpcopy to simply copy the existing root and then restore the config files from it later on after ‘setup’ is run.

qtree create /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B

ndmpd on
ndmpcopy /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B/etc

vfiler run VFILER2 setup

priv set advanced

rm /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/exports
mv /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B/etc/exports /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/exports

rm /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/hosts
mv /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B/etc/hosts /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/hosts

rm /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/hosts.equiv
mv /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B/etc/hosts.equiv /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/hosts

rm /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/nsswitch.conf
mv /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B/etc/nsswitch.conf /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/nsswitch.conf

rm /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/resolv.conf
mv /vol/vol0/VFILER2-B/etc/resolv.conf /vol/vol0/VFILER2/etc/resolv.conf

vfiler status -a


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