Super Quick and Easy Restore of Files and Folders with OCUM 6.1

This post demonstrates how easy it is to do restores using NetApp’s OnCommand Unified Manager 6.1.

The Scenario

We have a Storage Virtual Machine called NASVM1, with a CIFS share that has a few folders and files.

Image: Pre-deletion contents

We delete a couple of folders and a couple of files.

Image: Contents of cifs1 after deletions
And then we restore them using OCUM 6.1 from a volume on our DR cluster - NACLU2.

Note: We could have restored them locally also - this scenario is simulating restore from a SnapVault cluster to a production cluster.

The Restore

1) Storage > Clusters

Our Clusters have already been added into OnCommand Unified Manager 6.1.

Image: Clusters in OCUM 6.1
2) Storage > Volumes

Tick the volume to restore from and then click the Restore button.

Image: Volume to restore from
3) Restore

- Choose the Snapshot Copy to restore from: snap1
- Select items to restore: Folder2, Folder4, document01, text01
- Choose the Restore Path: NACLU1://NASVM1/v_cifs_1/
- Click Restore

Image: Restore panel
4) Restore job started

Click the View details link to monitor the progress of the restore.

Image: Restore job started
5) Restore Job

Image: Completed Restore Job
6) Files and Folders Restored!

Image: Restored data back in their original locations!
Super simple restore using OnCommand Unified Manager 6.1 J

APPENDIX: Setting up the Test Environment

NACLU1::> vol create -vserver NASVM1 -volume v_cifs_1 -aggregate aggr1 -size 2g -junction-path /v_cifs_1 -space-guarantee none -percent-snapshot-space 0 -snapshot-policy none
NACLU1::> cifs share create -vserver NASVM1 -share-name CIFS1 -path /v_cifs_1

NACLU2::> vol create -vserver NASVM2 -volume v_cifs_1 -aggregate aggr1 -size 2g -space-guarantee none -percent-snapshot-space 0 -snapshot-policy none -type DP
NACLU2::> snapmirror create -source-path NASVM1:v_cifs_1 -destination-path NASVM2:v_cifs_1
NACLU2::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path NASVM2:v_cifs_1
NACLU2::> cifs share create -vserver NASVM2 -share-name CIFS1 -path /v_cifs_1

NACLU1::> snapshot create -vserver NASVM1 -volume v_cifs_1 -snapshot snap1

NACLU2::> snapmirror update -destination-path NASVM2:v_cifs_1