Saturday, 21 June 2014

Testing SNMP Traps with CDOT 8.2.1, OCUM 6.1, and MibBrowser: 1/3 - MibBrowser Setup

This post has been split into 3:

1: Downloads

1.1: ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool

1.2: OnCommand Unified Manager 6.1 MIB

1.3: NetApp MIB 2.3.1 (for Data ONTAP 8.2.1)


2: Installation

2.1: ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool
Double click the ManageEngine_MibBrowser_FreeTool.exe and follow the prompts to install.

The default install, creates a mibs folder at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageEngine\MibBrowser Free Tool\mibs

Image: ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool Mibs Folder

2.2: OnCommand Unified Manager 6.1 MIB
Unpack ocum.mib.Z
Copy the ocum.mib file into the mibs folder

Note: 7-Zip will unpack a .Z file

2.3: NetApp MIB 2.3.1
Unpack iscsi.mib.Z
Unpack netapp.mib.Z
Unpack traps.dat.Z
Copy the unzipped files into the mibs folder

Copy the HCNUM-TC file into the mibs folder

Note: If you open ocum.mib with Notepad++, there’s a section -
- which means the netapp.mib is required before we can load the ocum.mib. Similarly, in netapp.mib there’s a section -
CounterBasedGauge64, ZeroBasedCounter64
- which is why we need HCNUM-TC. All other required files are pre-loaded into the MibBrowser.

3: Loading MIBs

3.1: Double-click on the ManageEngine MibBrowser shortcut

Image: ManageEngine MibBrowser shortcut
3.2: Click on the Load MIB Module button
Select ocum.mib
Click Open

Image: Load MIB Module
Note: Because ocum.mib imports NETAPP-MIB, which imports HCNUM-TC, we only need to load the ocum.mib.

Image: Loaded Mibs
4: Start Listening for SNMP Traps

4.1: Press Alt+P
This starts TrapViewer

4.2: Starting TrapViewer
Click on the Start button in TrapViewer to start it listening for SNMP Traps.

Image: TrapViewer started
Note 1: The above is using the default settings of Port 162 and community public.
Note 2: Either disable the Windows Firewall, or allow traffic to port 162.

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