What does it do?

Essentially, it’s a bit like AutoSupport in that it pulls down the configuration of your cluster (including nodes and SVMs), but does something that AutoSupport currently doesn’t do very well for CDOT, that’s compare configurations of objects side by side (e.g. Cluster v Cluster, Node v Node, SVM v SVM).

Potential use cases:

- Customer needs cluster/SVM/node builds to adhere to a global standard (golden template)
- Recording a pre and post change config (i.e. pre and post a 7MTT cutover, to see what 7MTT has changed)
- Auditing - recording a config and then going back to see if someone’s changed something.

It’s so far been tested on labs only and I think all the bugs have been written out, but I’m sure more can be found. It does work with a read only user just some things will be missed (and displays big red errors to screen when permissions are not enough.)

There’s no user guide/help, just a hopefully intuitive menu system like below:

Image: CDOT-Check Menu System
I did make a start on a very rudimentary set of health-checks (for the customer who likes to run a simple set of health checks before doing any maintenance work.)

Finally, the script is here:

Had to remove some comments to make it fit!
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