The End of Year 2014 Post

27th December and feels like time for the End of Year Post.

Another cracking year doing interesting work! The blog’s been mostly 100% NetApp this year, and that’s great because I really really like - might even go as far to say love ... ahem ... - working with NetApp technology, and I know this enthusiasm is shared by so many around the world.

Got loads of projects planned for 2015 (and a lot of stuff I’d hoped to finish in 2014 but didn’t), and hopefully I can share some of the outcomes on this blog. I keep intending to take a sabbatical from blogging, yet it’s such a great motivator; without the blog, after my 9 to 5, there’s a good chance I’d be sucked into the world of fantasy and escapism offered by computer games - the blog keeps me on the straight and narrow, or thereabouts...


Some planned 2015 IT Projects

- 7 to C Scripted Migration Suite (PowerShell/Excel/???)
- CDOT Quota Reports (PowerShell/???)
- CDOT Synchronization Suite (PowerShell/WFA)
- CDOT DR Suite (PowerShell/WFA)
- CDOT Health Checker (PowerShell/???)
- CDOT Compare V2 (PowerShell)
- CDOT Cluster & SVM Constructor Suite (PowerShell/WFA)
- CDOT Log Viewer (PowerShell)

And I’ll review this list at the end of 2015 to see how I got on.

There are also various personal projects too which will likely take me away from the blog for periods of time...

Blog Stats (as of the 27th December)

Total Pageviews = 1’531’597 (up 521’359 on 2013)
Total Visitors = 709,766 (up 238’071 on 2013)

And Finally ...

Thanks everyone for reading!
And have a great 2015!