Crib Sheet: Seeding to Disk a SnapMirror Relationship using SmTape

These commands were run under cDOT 8.2.3:

::> version

NetApp Release 8.2.3 Cluster-Mode: Fri Jan 16 01:07:00 PST 2015

Preliminary Work

Firstly, verify that the primary and secondary Clusters and SVMs are peered.

::> cluster peer show
::> vserver peer show

On the Primary (Source) Cluster

Create a staging volume on an aggregate that belongs to the same node as the volume to be SnapMirrored:

::> vol create -vserver SVM -vol vol01_smtape_staging_src -aggregate N1_aggr1 -size 1050g -state online -type RW -junction-path /vol01_smtape_staging_src

N.B.: You may need to make the volume slightly larger than the source volume.

Create a backup snapshot:

::> volume snapshot create -volume vol01 -snapshot smt_1 -vserver SVM

Create an SMTAPE backup:

::> set diag
::*> system smtape backup -vserver SVM -volume vol01 -backup-snapshot smt_1 -file-path /SVM/vol01_smtape_staging_src/image
::*> system smtape status show

Wait for the SMTAPE backup to complete. Create a CIFS share (or could do an NFS export):

::*> cifs share create -vserver SVM -share-name vol01_smtape_staging_src$ -path /vol01_smtape_staging_src

And copy the image off onto disk.

N.B.: What the image is copied to is beyond the scope of this post.

On the Secondary (DR) Cluster

Create a staging volume on the DR SVM:

::*> volume create -vserver SVMDR -volume vol01_smtape_staging_dst -aggregate N1_aggr1 -size 1050g -state online -type RW -junction-path /vol01_smtape_staging_dst

Create a share to the volume and copy on the backup image:

::> cifs share create -vserver SVMDR -share-name vol01_smtape_staging_dst$ -path /vol01_smtape_staging_dst

Create a restricted volume to restore the image to:

::> volume create -vserver SVMDR -volume vol01_dr -aggregate N1_aggr1 -size 1000g -state restricted -type DP

Restore the volume:

::> set diag
::*> system smtape restore -vserver SVMDR -vol vol01_dr -file-path /SVMDR/vol01_smtape_staging_dst/image
::*> system smtape status show

When the SMTAPE restore is complete, resync primary and secondary volumes:

::*> snapmirror resync -source-path SVM:vol01 -destination-path SVMDR:vol01_dr -source-snapshot smt_1
::*> snapmirror show