Monday, 31 August 2015

Seeding an ONTAP 8.3 to 8.2.3 SnapVault using SMTAPE

Note: This does not work but the post is still useful to show why it doesn’t work (“backup image header version is not supported”).

Carrying on from the previous post....

In this post we go:

NACLU7:NASV1 -> SMTAPE BACKUP -> Staging disk
8.3          -> SMTAPE BACKUP

             -> SMTAPE RESTORE -> 8.2.3

8.3          -> SV (RESYNC) -> 8.2.3

Seeding and ONTAP 8.3 to 8.2.3 SnapVault using SMTAPE - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

N.B.: Cluster and Vserver peers are already created from previous posts.

NACLU7::> version
NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue May 19 07:34:02 PDT 2015

NACLU5::> version
NetApp Release 8.2.3P2 Cluster-Mode: Thu Mar 05 00:47:29 PST 2015


vol create -vserver NASV1 -vol SVVOL01 -junction-path /SVVOL01 -aggregate NACLU7N2_AGGR1 -size 2468m -space-guarantee none -language en

vol create -vserver NASV1 -vol SVVOL01_STAGING -junction-path /SVVOL01_STAGING -aggregate NACLU7N2_AGGR1 -size 3000m -space-guarantee none -language en

cifs share create -vserver NASV1 -share-name SVVOL01_STAGING$ -path /SVVOL01_STAGING

volume snapshot create -volume SVVOL01 -snapshot SMTBACKUP -vserver NASV1

set d
system smtape backup -vserver NASV1 -volume SVVOL01 -backup-snapshot SMTBACKUP -file-path /NASV1/SVVOL01_STAGING/image
system smtape status show


vol create -vserver CIFSV1 -vol SVVOL01_STAGING -junction-path /SVVOL01_STAGING -aggregate N2_aggr1 -size 3000m -space-guarantee none -language en

cifs share create -vserver CIFSV1 -share-name SVVOL01_STAGING$ -path /SVVOL01_STAGING

vol create -vserver CIFSV1 -vol SVVOL01 -aggregate N2_aggr1 -size 2468m -state restricted -type DP -space-guarantee none -language en

Now we copy the image from NACLU7’s \\NASV1\SVVOL01_STAGING$ to NACLU5’s \\CIFSV1\SVVOL01_STAGING$ staging volume (perhaps via a generic and transportable disk storage device.)


set d
system smtape restore -vserver CIFSV1 -vol SVVOL01 -file-path /CIFSV1/SVVOL01_STAGING/image
system smtape status show

Session Type    Status Progress Path         Device             Node
------- ------- ------ -------- ------------ ------------------ ----------
      3 restore FAILED      8KB /CIFSV1/SVVOL01

event log show

Time                Node             Severity      Event
------------------- ---------------- ------------- ---------------------------
8/31/2015 22:26:03  NACLU5N2         ERROR SMTape restore session 3 to /CIFSV1/SVVOL01 from /CIFSV1/SVVOL01_STAGING/image failed with error backup image header version is not supported (expected_image_header_version =131072 real_image_header_version =-4294901757) 14:1712.


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