cDOT Datacenter Relocation Experiment: Part 1/2 “The Scenario”

It’s the weekend, and so an excellent time to play on my lab and test something. The awesome thing about NetApp’s software is how much power and flexibility it gives you. I had every confidence the below was going to work, but nice to get a chance to try it out. The Clustershell commands in Part 2 were run against cDOT 8.2.3.


1) The Starting Point

We start with two sites - Site A and Site B - and two cDOT clusters per site, with replication as below.

Image: The Starting Point

2) Setting up Baselines to a New Cluster in a New Site

We have a new site we want to move to. A new cluster is stood up in Site C, and we set up baseline SnapMirrors from the primary cluster (CLUA1 below) to our new cluster (CLUC1).

Image: SnapMirror-ing to a New Site

3) Cutting Over the Production Cluster

On a scheduled day, we break SnapMirrors and cutover data access to the new site, and manipulate the replications as below.

Image: SnapMirror and SnapVault now from CLUC1

4) Lift and Shift of the SnapVault

Finally, we have to bring the SnapVault cluster to our new site, but to complicate matters the SnapVault has to be renamed with the new site (Site C) naming convention.

Image: Moving the SnapVault to its New Site and Renaming