Saturday, 2 January 2016

OPM 2.0 Virtual Appliance Quick Install Notes: Part 3/4 (Unified Manager Connection)

Continuing from this post here ...

Note: This post is essentially just a screenshot fest...

1) Log into OPM

Image 1: Logging into OPM
2) Adding Clusters

As part of the basic setup, a cluster was added. To add further clusters:

Click Administration
Click Data Sources
Click + Add

Image 2: OPM 2.0 Add Cluster
3) Linking with OnCommand Unified Manager

Firstly, you need to have configured an Event Publisher User in OnCommand Unified Manager as below:

Image 3: OCUM 6.3 creating an Event Publisher User
Using the vSphere Client or Web Client, log in to the OnCommand Performance Manager Maintenance Console. Select option 5 from the main menu.

Image 4: OPM 2.0 Maintenance Console - Main Menu
Select option 2 to Add a new Unified Manager Server Connection.

Image 5: OPM 2.0 Maintenance Console - Unified Manager Connection Menu
Select y to continue.

Image 6: OPM 2.0 Maintenance Console - Unified Manager Connection Settings
Q: Unified Manager Server Name or IP =
Q: Unified Manager Server Port = 443

Q: Do you want to accept the certificate (if it was not trusted)? y

Q: Event Publisher User Name =
Q: Event Publisher Password =

Select y to “Are these settings correct?”

Image 7: OPM 2.0 Unified Manager connection settings
Press any key to continue.

Image 8: OPM 2.0 “Succeeded in sending registration request to the Unified Manager”
Then select x to exit from the Maintenance Console


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