Monday, 14 March 2016


An addition to Multi-NcCmdlets.psm1 - as detailed in the previous post. This one deletes all 7-Mode snapshots from volumes transitioned from 7 to C, for every connected Cluster. The process cycles through all connected controllers, cycles through all operational data SVMs, cycles through all R/W and online volumes, finds the 7-Mode snapshots and removes them. To run:


The Code

Function Multi-Delete7ModeSnapshots{
  If( !(Verify-NcConnectedControllers) ){ RETURN }; Wr
  $VsAttrs = Get-NcVserver -Template
  $VsQuery = Get-NcVserver -Template
  $VsQuery.VserverType = "data"
  $VsQuery.OperationalState = "running"
  $VolAttrs = Get-NcVol -Template
  $VolQuery = Get-NcVol -Template
  Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $VolQuery -Name VolumeIdAttributes
  Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $VolQuery -Name VolumeStateAttributes
  $VolQuery.VolumeIdAttributes.Type = "rw"
  $VolQuery.VolumeStateAttributes.State = "online"
  $SnapAttrs = Get-NcSnapshot -Template
  $SnapAttrs.Is7ModeSnapshot = ""
  $Global:CurrentNcController | Foreach {
    [System.Array]$DataVservers = (Get-NcVserver -Controller $_ -Query $VsQuery -Attributes $VsAttrs).VserverName
    Foreach($SVM in $DataVservers){
      [System.Array]$OnlineRwVolumes = (Get-NcVol -Attributes $VolAttrs -Query $VolQuery -Controller $_ -VserverContext $SVM).Name
      Foreach($Volume in $OnlineRwVolumes){
        Wr ("Removing any 7-Mode snapshots from " + $_.Name + ":" + $SVM + "\" + $Volume) YELLOW; WR
        Get-NcSnapshot -Volume $Volume -Attributes $SnapAttrs -Controller $_ -Vserver $SVM | Where { $_.Is7ModeSnapshot -eq $TRUE } | Format-Table Name,Is7ModeSnapshot -AutoSize
        Get-NcSnapshot -Volume $Volume -Attributes $SnapAttrs -Controller $_ -Vserver $SVM | Where { $_.Is7ModeSnapshot -eq $TRUE } | Remove-NcSnapshot -Confirm:$FALSE

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