Installing OnCommand Unified Manager 6.3 for Windows

Note: This is essentially just a quick rundown of my experience installing OCUM 6.3 on a lab Windows 2008 R2 server.


Hardware and Basic Components

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1
Hardware: 12 GB RAM* and 4 vCPU** (Recommended)
Free disk space: 120 GB***
Software: .NET Framework 3.5.1 feature (WCF Activation not installed)
Browser: Chrome 44 / IE 10
Local Admin User: LAB\NAADMIN

*With less than 12 GB RAM the install errors with “Following prerequisites found missing: Memory is lesser than required. 64 bit edition of mysql not installed.”
** For lab use I did try trimming it down to 2 vCPU but the performance was poor...
***With less than 120 GB free disk space, the install errors with “Select a drive with a minimum of 120 GB of free space to proceed”


Note: The following third-party packages must be installed, but if you don’t install them, Unified Manager installs them as part of the installation.

- MySQL Community Edition 5.6.26
- 7zip 9.20.1

Installing OnCommand Unified Manager 6.3

Logged in as LAB\NAADMIN, can either install interactively by right-clicking the WFA install executable and selecting “Run as administrator” and answering the prompts -

Image: Starting OCUM 6.3 Interactive Installation
- or silent install via the DOS Administrator: Command Prompt as in the example below (which installs JRE, MySQL, and 7zip):

OnCommandUnifiedManager-6.3.exe /s /v"MYSQL_PASSWORD=********** INSTALLDIR=\"D:\Program Files\NetApp\" MYSQL_DATA_DIR=\"D:\ProgramData\MYSQL\" MAINTENANCE_PASSWORD=********** MAINTENANCE_USERNAME=admin /qr /l*v D:\install.log"

IMPORTANT: Replace ********** with your password. The password must include uppercase or lowercase character, special character, and a numeric character, or the install will fail.

Image: Running OCUM 6.3 Silent Installation
Image: Not a totally silent installation...
Check the install.log to verify OCUM 6.3 has installed successfully:

MSI (c) (0C:74) [10:50:11:626]: Product: OnCommand Unified Manager -- Installation operation completed successfully.

Also, can see that the “NetApp OnCommand Application Server” service is running:

Image: OCUM 6.3 on Windows services
And in ‘Windows Task Manager’ will see java.exe and mysqld.exe consuming a fair chunk of memory:

Image: Task Manager
And, for reference, the complete installed programs list:

Image: Installed Programs with OCUM 6.3.6903
THE END - Install Done!