Saturday, 30 July 2016

7MTT 3.0 is GA and 7MTT 3.0 CLI Commands

7MTT 3.0 General Availability (GA) Release is available for Windows and Linux!

The main thing is support for transitioning to ONTAP 9.0 (from pretty much any version of 7-Mode since 8.0). Also, the CBT and CFT binaries are combined now (the Windows version and GUI is required for CFT.) For further reading check out the 7-Mode Transition Tool 3.0 Documentation and especially the Release Notes for all the new features.

7MTT 3.0 CLI Commands List

The following lists all the 7MTT 3.0 CLI commands. Of course you can use GUI for mostly everything; if you’ve got a lot of transitions to do though, you’ll probably want to investigate automation; hence the listing of CLI commands. Note that this is only a list of the commands, for syntax, from a machine running 7MTT 3.0, in a shell (for a Windows guy like me, that’s PowerShell or Command Prompt), type the command and press enter for the complete help output.

transition bundle-tool-logs
transition job-results
transition job-status
transition jobs
transition version

transition cbt abort
transition cbt add-cluster-info
transition cbt add-primary-seven-mode-system
transition cbt add-secondary-cluster-mode-system
transition cbt create
transition cbt cutover
transition cbt delete
transition cbt modify
transition cbt pause
transition cbt precheck
transition cbt precutover
transition cbt property-get
transition cbt property-reset
transition cbt property-set
transition cbt remove-primary-seven-mode-system
transition cbt remove-secondary-cluster-mode-system
transition cbt resume
transition cbt resync
transition cbt show
transition cbt show-primary-seven-mode-systems
transition cbt show-secondary-cluster-mode-systems
transition cbt start
transition cbt update

transition cbt export lunmap
transition cbt ignorableerrors add
transition cbt ignorableerrors remove
transition cbt ignorableerrors show
transition cbt ignorableerrors show-all
transition cbt lif add
transition cbt lif modify
transition cbt lif remove
transition cbt lif show
transition cbt schedule add
transition cbt schedule modify
transition cbt schedule remove
transition cbt schedule show
transition cbt volumepair add
transition cbt volumepair modify
transition cbt volumepair remove
transition cbt volumepair show

transition cft property-reset
transition cft property-set
transition cft property-show
transition cft export lunmap
transition cft ignorableerrors add
transition cft ignorableerrors remove
transition cft ignorableerrors show
transition cft ignorableerrors show-all

transition credentials add
transition credentials get
transition credentials modify
transition credentials remove

transition imt import
transition imt restore
transition imt show

transition projectgroup create
transition projectgroup delete
transition projectgroup modify
transition projectgroup move-project
transition projectgroup rename
transition projectgroup show

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