VCP6-DCV Exam Notes

It’s nearly 5 years since I took my VCP5, and my VCP510 notes from October 2011 still rank as vCosonok’s most viewed post (I seriously don’t expect this post to be anything like as popular - I’m very late to the VCP certification prep party this time); now time to upgrade to VCP6!

Firstly, what do I need to do to get the VCP6-DCV?

I did my VCP5-DCV Exam (VCP510) back in October 2011, and discovered that my VCP has since expired, so I just hold an expired VCP certification, this means I need to do a training course, vSphere 6 Foundations Exam, and VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Exam.

Course: Through work I was able to attend the “vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6]” course
Exam 1: vSphere 6 Foundations Exam ($120 - online exam)

Check out the following links:

Resources on

Check out the Exams and Exam Topics:

*I’ve put the Delta Exam link down for those who need to do the full exam, but essentially just need to cover what’s new.

Tip: Before starting in-depth study, first try out the practice exams, you might know more (or less) than you think, and make notes!

Assorted Links (top links from a Google of “VCP 6 Exam Cram Notes”)

There is an awesome amount of content out there to help you with your VCP6, an incredible amount of effort must have been put in. I’d suggest finding the study guide you like the most and study that comprehensively, making notes as you go along. If you finish one study guide and are happy with your notes, and have the time and need more prep, consume more...