Notes on ‘NCSA - Hybrid Cloud: NS0-146’

I’ve just completed the curriculum for the ‘NetApp Certified Storage Associate - Hybrid Cloud’, and thought I’d jot down a few notes, curriculum highlights, and add in some further reading/viewing. The exam is to come!

NCSA - Hybrid Cloud: Curriculum Highlights

To find the curriculum, go to and search for “NetApp Certified Storage Associate - Hybrid Cloud”. If you’re already well versed in NetApp, it’s going to be the “Cloudy” elements of the curriculum that interest you the most, and these are highlighted below:

- Storage Fundamentals (45 mins)
- Virtualization Technology Fundamentals (20 mins)
- Cloud Fundamentals (30 mins)
- Flash Fundamentals (30 mins)
- Data Network Fundamentals (15 mins)
- ONTAP NAS Fundamentals (45 mins)
- Technical Overview of AltaVault Technology (90 mins)
(especially: “Module 4: Cloud Based AltaVault Appliance”)
- Technical Overview of StorageGRID Webscale (60 mins)
- Technical Overview of OnCommand Management Solutions for Clustered Data ONTAP (90 mins)
- Technical Overview of OnCommand Insight (120 mins)
- Knowledge Bytes: NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services
+ Deploying NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services:
- OnCommand Cloud Manager and Cloud ONTAP Videos

Further Reading/Viewing

The curriculum was written last year (2016), and - with the rampant advance of technology - is understandably already a little out of date, check out the following YouTube link for even more videos on NetApp “Cloudy” stuff including integrations with Azure:

Other links:

Random Screen Grabs

AltaVault: Some Use Cases

Image: AltaVault Use Cases for Backup and Archive
Image: AltaVault Use Cases for Disaster Recovery
NetApp Private Storage for AWS

Image: The Solution: NetApp Private Storage for AWS
NetApp Private Storage for AWS: Some Use Cases

Image: Disaster Recovery
Image: Development and Testing
Image: Cloudburst for Peak Workloads
Image: Multiregion Application Continuity
Image: Cloud-Centered Direct Connection Consolidation