Exploring the OCI 7.3 Data Warehouse Data Marts with DbVisualizer: Part 1 of 2

In this 2 part-er we’re going to use DbVisualizer to explore the NetApp OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse Database.

Part 1: Setting up DbVisualizer

1) Download DbVisualizer

Note: You may also want to check out Toad for MySQL

2) Double-click the downloaded EXE
Note: I’m using dbvis_windows_x64_9_5_5_jre.exe

And follow the prompts to install:

- Welcome ... Next >
- License Agreement. Next >
- Select Destination Directory (C:\Program Files\DbVisualizer is default). Next >
- Information. Next >
- Select Start Menu Folder. Next >
- Select File Associations (*.sql). Next >
- Select Additional Tasks. Next >
- Finish

Note: Here DbVis is installed on the Data Warehouse server.

3) Double-click the DbVisualizer icon to run

When DbVisualizer starts for the first time you’ll get a ‘New Connection Wizard’.

3.1) Enter a connection alias. Click Next >

Image: New Connection Wizard

3.2) Select Database Driver = MySQL. Click Next >

Image: Select Database Driver

3.3) DWH New Connection Wizard Settings:

Database server = localhost
Database Port = 3306
Database = dwh_inventory (default database for DbVis to connect to)
Database Userid = dwh
Database Password = sanscreen
Click Finish

Note: These were default credentials.

Image: DWH New Connection Settings

To be continued... in part 2.