Installation Walkthrough: OCI 7.3 and the Data Warehouse - Part 2 of 3

Part 2: Installing OnCommand Insight 7.3 Server

Installation Pre-requisites

- The pagefile should be > 8GB.

Before the Setup Wizard

1) Open an Administrative Command Prompt

Image: Getting an Administrative Command Prompt

2) Navigate to where the MSI is stored, and from the prompt run> SANscreenServer-x64-7.3.0-1032.msi

Setup Wizard

1) Welcome to the OnCommand Insight 7.3.0 Setup Wizard

Click Next

2) End-User License Agreement

Tick ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’
Click Next

3) Customer Information

Input: Customer Name
Input: Site Name
Browse to desired installation location.
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 Setup - Customer Information

4) Customer Information - Configure NetApp ASUP

Configure NetApp ASUP as required:
Database: Backup without Performance Data / No Database Backup / Backup with Performance Data
Send Method: HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / Email
Logs: Extended Logs / Base Logs / No Logs
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 Setup - Configure NetApp ASUP (defaults)

5) Configure Server

OnCommand Insight Portal Port (HTTP): 80
OnCommand Insight Portal Port (HTTPS): 443
Internal Database Port (SQL): 3306
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 Setup - Configure Server (defaults)

6) Configure Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Transport Port: 9310
Elasticsearch REST Port: 9200
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 Setup - Configure Elasticsearch (defaults)

7) Ready to install OnCommand Insight 7.3.0

Click Install

8) Completed the OnCommand Insight 7.3.0 Setup Wizard

Click Finish

Image: OCI 7.3.0 Setup - Completed


All being well, you should have a desktop shortcut for ‘OnCommand Insight Client’ that points to something like the below:
O:\OCISVR\SANscreen\java\bin\javaws.exe -J https://OCISVR.lab.priv:443/client/app/http-client.jnlp

The following services should be started (check in services.msc):
- Elasticsearch
- SANscreen Acq
- SANscreen Server

Logging in

Java UI: Double-click the link on the desktop, accept any Java prompts, and default credentials are:

User name: admin
Password: admin123

Web UI: Connect to https://FQDN:443

*Can also login as oadmin / ******


From the Web UI at https://FQDN/uiserver/#admin/settings/license
Click on the Update License button
Copy and paste in your license
Click Save

Next Steps to Configure OCI

From the ‘OnCommand Insight 7.3 Configuration and Administration Guide’ and page 11 ‘Setting up Insight’:

- Install your Insight licenses.
- Set up your data sources in Insight.
- Set up user accounts.
- Configure your email.
- Define your SNMP, email, or syslog notifications if needed.
- Enable automatic weekly backups of your Insight database.
- Perform any advanced configuration steps required, including defining annotations and thresholds.


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