Installation Walkthrough: OCI 7.3 and the Data Warehouse - Part 3 of 3

Part 3: Installing OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse

Installation Pre-requisites

- The pagefile should be > 8GB.

Before the Setup Wizard

1) Open an Administrative Command Prompt

Image: Getting an Administrative Command Prompt

2) Navigate to where the EXE is stored, and from the prompt run> SANscreenDWH-x64-7.3.0-1032.exe

Note: The Setup Wizard takes a while to start because - as seen in the file properties description - this is a ‘7z Setup SFX small file’ (in other words - archive type EXE.)

Setup Wizard

1) Welcome to the OnCommand Insight 7.3.0 Setup Wizard

Click Next

2) End-User License Agreement

Tick ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’
Click Next

3) Customer Information

Input: Customer Name
Input: Site Name
Browse to desired installation location.
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 DWH Setup - Customer Information

4) Configure OnCommand Insight Reporting

Insight Plan DWH Portal Port (HTTP): 80
Insight Plan DWH Portal Port (HTTPS): 443
Internal Database Port (SQL): 3306
Database Size (MB): 2000
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 DWH Setup - Configure OnCommand Insight Reporting (defaults)

5) Configure OnCommand Insight Reporting (2)

Reporting Engine Port: 9300
Click Next

Image: OCI 7.3.0 DWH Setup - Configure OnCommand Insight Reporting (2) (defaults)

6) Ready to install OnCommand Insight 7.3.0

Click Install

7) Completed the OnCommand Insight 7.3.0 Setup Wizard

Click Finish


All being well, you should have the following links in:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\NetApp OnCommand

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence -> O:\OCIDWH\SANscreen\cognos\c10_64\webcontent\documentation\bisrvr_mtoc.html
IBM Cognos Configuration -> O:\OCIDWH\SANscreen\cognos\c10_64\bin64\cogconfigw.exe
Start OnCommand Insight Server
Stop OnCommand Insight Server

Note: My install path was O:\OCIDWH

And the following services should be started:
- IBM Cognos
- IBM Cognos Content Database
- SANscreen Server = The OnCommand Insight DWH server

Logging In

Web UI: Connect to https://FQDN:9300/p2pd

User name: admin
Password: admin123

Initially, without any data, the Launch dropdown will not have a link to ‘Report Studio’ (which is the OCI reporting main tool.)

*Can also login as oadmin / ******

Next Steps to Configure the Data Warehouse

From the ‘OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse Administration Guide’ and page 11 ‘Getting started with Data Warehouse’:

- Connecting Data Warehouse to OnCommand Insight Servers
- Building the database from history
- Setting up backup and restore processes