Mapping out OCI 7.3’s GUIs Main Menus and Buttons

In the following post we explore some of OnCommand Insight Server’s two GUIs (the Web UI and Java UI), graphically mapping out the main menus and buttons into a couple of images (with follow on listings) - click on the images to make them bigger. We’ll look at the Data Warehouse GUIs in a future post.

An installation of OnCommand Insight 7.3 Server with default settings configures these ports:

80: OnCommand Insight Portal Port (HTTP)
443: OnCommand Insight Portal Port (HTTP)
3306: Internal Database Port (SQL)
9310: Elasticsearch Transport Port
9200: Elasticsearch REST Port

1) Web Interface (Web UI)

Access via a web browser to:


Web UI Main Toolbar Menus and Buttons

Image: OnCommand Insight 7.3 Server Web UI Main Toolbar Menus and Buttons

The Toolbar

The Toolbar has the following buttons and menus:

- Assets Dashboard
- Violations Dashboard
- Show all dashboards (2)
- + New dashboard

- Violin Memory storage tier
- FAS3200 storage tier
- FAS3100 storage tier
- Show all queries (21)
- + New Query

- Annotations
- Annotation rules
- Applications
- Business entities
- Device resolution
- Performance policies

- Data sources
- Patches
- Acquisition units
- Ethernet monitoring units
- Health
- Troubleshooting
- Setup
- Notifications
- Audit

The Top-Right Corner

The top-right corner has the following buttons and menus:

- Search assets

- Help topics
- Data source support matrix
- REST API Documentation
- Check for updates
- Support
- About

Launch Java UI
Launch Reporting Portal

Logged in User
- Changed password
- Logout

2) Java Interface

Access using the desktop shortcut which points to the below target, or access via the button in the WebUI:

{OCI_INSTALL_LOCATION}\SANscreen\java\bin\javaws.exe -J https://{FQDN_of_OCI_SERVER}:443/client/app/http-client.jnlp

Java Interface Main Toolbar Menus and Buttons

Image: OnCommand Insight 7.3 Server Java Interface Main Toolbar Menus and Buttons

The Dropdown

The dropdown at the left of the menu bar has 3 menu options, each linking to a submenu with more options:

- Hosts
- Virtual Machines
- Datastores
- NPV Switches
- Paths
- Switches
- Zones
- Storage Arrays
- Tapes
- Generic Devices

- Changes
- SAN Path Policies
- Vulnerabilities
- Violations Browser
- Reservation Violations
- Policies
- SAN Path Violations
- Port Balance Violations

- Requests
- Plans
- Pending Tasks
- Migrations

Left Menu Bar

The left part of the menu bar (to the right of the dropdown) has 6 items:

- Export
- Auto Refresh
- Exit

- Select All
- Copy
- Find in This View...

- Progress
- Show Dashboard
- Save Profile...
- Set Profile >

- Global Policies
- FC Global Policy
- Host Virtualization Policy
- iSCSI Global Policy
- Reservations Policy

- Analyze Missing Path
- Analyze Zone and Mask
- Settings

- Help Topics
- About

Right Menu Bar

The right-side of the menu bar has 2 buttons and a search entry box:

Click this button to get help
Open the Web UI