Monday, 3 July 2017

Install OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2 - Initial Setup Steps in the Web UI

As easy as 123!

1) Login to OnCommand Unified Manager

At: https://FQDN_OF_OCUM

Image: Login to OCUM 7.2

2) Setup Email & Time Settings

Maintenance User Email
Email         : (mandatory)

SMTP Server
Hostname      : (mandatory)
Port          : 25
Username      :
Password      :    
Use START/TLS : (tickbox)
Use SSL       : (tickbox)

Click Next

Image: OCUM 7.2 GUI Setup Part 1 of 3: Email & Time

3) Setup AutoSupport

Do you want to enable AutoSupport capabilities? Yes/No

Click Next

Image: OCUM 7.2 GUI Setup Part 2 of 3: AutoSupport

4) Finish and Start Adding Clusters

Click Save and Continue

Image: OCUM 7.2 GUI Setup Part 3 of 3: Finish

5) Start Adding Clusters

You’ll start off in the ‘Configuration / Cluster Data Sources’ view.
Click + Add to start adding clusters.

Image: OCUM 7.2 Add Cluster

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