Mapping out OCI 7.3 DWH GUIs: Part 1: Insight Plan DWH Portal

In this post we explore the OnCommand Insight 7.3 Insight Plan Data Warehouse Portal main page.

An installation of OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse Server with default settings configures these ports:

80: Insight Plan DWH Portal Port (HTTP)
443: Insight Plan DWH Portal Port (HTTPS)
3306: Internal Database Port (SQL)
9300: Reporting Engine Port

Insight Plan Data Warehouse Portal

Access via a web browser to:


Web UI Main Buttons

Image: OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse Web UI Main Buttons (click to view larger)

Main Menu

 Connectors  -->
 List Connectors to OnCommand Insight Servers / Create new / Test / Remove

 Jobs  -->
 List Jobs {ID, Name, Status, Start, End} / Clear History

 Schedule  -->
 Build Schedule (or Build now) / Backup Schedule / Custom Script

 Annotations  -->
 List of Annotations {Annotation, Column Name, Target Object, Published} / Edit

 Email Notification  -->
 Job Status Notification Configuration {SMTP configuration, Sender, Recipient ...} / Test

 System Information  -->
 System (Edit Site Name) / Licenses / Upgrade History

 Build from history  -->
 ‘Build From History’ history {Target time, Start running, Status} / Configure / Run

 Reset DWH  -->
 Reset DWH Database / Reset Inventory Only / Reset Reporting Content

 Backup/Restore  -->
 Backup Database and Reports / Restore Database and(or) Reports

 Troubleshooting  -->
 OnCommand Insight ASUP / Annotation Consolidation / Sanity Tests

 User Management  -->
 LDAP Configuration / Add New User / Configure DWH User

Top Right Corner

Launch Reporting Portal

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Logged in as XXX
- Logout