Saturday, 1 July 2017

Mapping out OCI 7.3 DWH GUIs: Part 2: IBM Cognos Connection GUI

In this post we explore the OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse's IBM Cognos Connection GUI.

IBM Cognos Connection GUI

Access via a web browser to:


Web UI Main Menus and Buttons

Image: OnCommand Insight 7.3 Data Warehouse - IBM Cognos Connection (click to see larger)

Upper Bar

Log Off



Search Options
- Full text and all fields
- Name field
- Description field
- Name or description field

- Home
- Set View as Home

- Cognos Workspace
- Cognos Workspace Advanced
- Report Studio*
- IBM Cognos Administration

- Help
- More Documentation
- IBM Cognos on the Web
- Go to the Welcome Page**
- About IBM Cognos Connection

*Report Studio is the essential tool used for authoring Advanced Reports with OCI.

Lower Bar

- Add tabs...
- Remove this tab
- Modify the sequence of tabs...
- Edit this page...

- Public Folder
- My Folders

New Page

Edit (Page)

**IBM Cognos Software Welcome Page

Added here for completeness - you may also see this page (I’d usually just click on ‘My home’ to get to ‘IBM Cognos Connection’).

Image: IBM Cognos Software Welcome Page

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