NetApp ONTAP 9.2 Simulator Setup: Part 1 of 2

Note: For a more detailed simulator build, check out this post which I wrote for 8.3.2:

ONTAP 9.2 went GA on Jun 29 2017 (see Software Change Log).

The NetApp ONTAP 9.2 Simulator is not yet out (I checked this morning on the 'Simulate ONTAP for ONTAP 8.x and 9.x' download page), so if you want to play with ONTAP 9.2 GA, you’ll need to upgrade the ONTAP 9.1 simulator, and this is simple to do.

Step-by-Step Guide

Note: This walkthrough is done with VMware Workstation 12.5.

1) Download 92_q_image.tgz from here:

2) Serve the 92_q_image.tgz file from a WebServer

Image: ONTAP 9.2 served (user whatever webserver is approved for use at your organization)

3) Download vsim-netapp-DOT9.1-cm.ova from here:

4) Open the OVA in VMware Workstation, and Import

5) Edit the ‘Virtual Machine Settings’ as desired

6) (Optional) Configure Memory down to 4GB
The SIM comes configured with 5GB, and normally you’d not change this, or increase it to make an upgrade possible. Here we do something slightly different. We reduce the Virtual Machine Memory down to 4096MB and then edit the VMX file with this extra line:

pciHole.start = "1024"

Image: Example of edited VMX file

7) Power on the VM and Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu (when it appears)

Image: Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu

8) Select option (7) Install new software first, and follow the prompts:

This procedure is not supported for Non-Disruptive Upgrade on an HA pair. The software will be installed to the alternate image, from which the node is not currently running. Do you want to continue? y

In order to download the package, a temporary network interface needs to be configured.

Select the network port you want to use for the download: e0c

The node needs to reboot for this setting to take effect. Reboot now? y

The node reboots, and then:

In order to download the package, a temporary network interface needs to be configured.

Enter the IP address for port e0c:
Enter the netmask for port e0c:
Enter IP address of default gateway:

What is the URL for the package?
What is the username on "", if any?

Then the install will run (be patient). And then:

Do you want to set the newly installed software as the default to be used for subsequent reboots? y

The node must be rebooted to start using the newly installed software. Do you want to reboot now? y

The node will reboot.

9) When ‘Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu’ appears, press Ctrl-C

All being well you should have seen the node boot to ONTAP 9.2, and will see something like the below:



Note the boot menu option ‘(9) Configure Advanced Drive Partitioning’ which wasn’t there before.

10) In the Boot Menu, select:

(4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks

And follow the prompts to kick off the wipeconfig request:

Zero disks, reset config and install a new file system? y
This will erase all the data on the disks, are you sure? y

Wait for the wipeconfig request to complete.

11) Cluster Setup Wizard

After the wipeconfig the node will boot into the ‘cluster setup wizard’.

Enabling AutoSupport can significantly speed problem determination and resolution...
Type yes to confirm and continue: yes

Enter the node management interface...
...IP address
...default gateway

In part 2 we’ll continue the ONTAP 9.2 Simulator Setup in the WebUI:

Image: Welcome to the cluster setup wizard

Image: Node management interface configuration

Image: Use your web browser to complete cluster setup ... or ... the command line